HOLY SH! Is my dvd writer fried?



Look what happened,its a sony DRX-U800UL external dvd writer, using 16x verbatim dvd+r media. i did a a data disc using nero dvd speed, and this is what happened the first time round:

second attempt after restarting the computer:


WHoa, i’d say, try a new dvd burner could be a IRQ conflict


I know Verbatim is excellent media (for the most part), but just for curiosity’s sake, have you tried a disc from a different spindle? Either a different Verb spindle, or a different brand entirely, doesn’t matter.

Just curious to see if it’s a problem with all discs, or just one from that spindle/pack - humour me! :slight_smile:

Edit: if it’s the first time you’ve used that particular media, maybe a firmware update would help?


Ive got the latest firmware for my drive, and dont have any other 16x media. I dont know how to set nero to write at 16x on 8x media, how do i do that?


OK, can you try one of those 16x Verbs at 12x? I don’t know if you’ll get 16x out of 8x media - only time I’ve ever managed to burn above the rated speed is with Taiyo Yuden-made Verbs and Maxell002 - got 12x out of those, they’re both rated @ 8x. :bigsmile:

Not sure if you can lower the write speed in the DVD-CD Speed Create Data Disc option…I know you can with the main Nero app.


Can you post a burst rate test? I think that this is due to a speed problem of your external interface: the burner was not able to obtain data enough fast to burn @16x, and then drop speed to 6x.

To do a burst rate test insert a disc (NOT a blank one) on the drive and select menu --> Burst Rate


Good idea, Geno - I kinda forgot the burner was external :doh:


thats what i get for the burst rate:


Burst rate looks OK to me for an external. Geno, what do you think?

Just to put your mind at rest, I seriously doubt your burner is fried. :wink:


Then why the hell is it just cutting out at 12x?> Every single time, at 12x!! :s


Actually, I was about to edit my post above to say “…but I doubt you’ll get 16x with it (the burst rate)”. You posted before I could, LOL.

How is the burner connected? USB? Firewire?

(Hehe, now we’re moving into unknown territory for me…)


22 MB is ok. Probably your problem is a fragmented HDD. If your HDD is too fragmented, there is a slowing of data to the burner, and if this slowing is too much, then the burner drop burning speed until the end of the disc.


Its connected by firewire aka iLink.

nope not fragmented, I am using a laptop whether that makes any difference.


I had a burst rate on my other PC of 23 MB/sec before, but a) that was only an 8x burner, and b) it was internal. All I know is it was adequate for 8x, ROTFL.

But if Geno says your burst rate is good, I’d trust him.


I’m not an expert, but my internal IDE burner give me a burst rate of 22 MB, so I think that should be fine also for an external drive.

Try to burn @12x; this should solve.

Another thing: some bad batch of media can give the same result. I have a box of printable verbatim 16x media, and latest discs of the box gave me the same behaviour on my LG burner.


Im going to try writing with my external hard disk. Its a lacie D2 extreme with a seagate ST3160023A 160 gig hard disk 150 gig capacity, 49 gigs free. Im going to connect that via firewire 1394, and the dvd writer by USB 2. What should I use to test the speed? Im going to try a 3.85 gig movie ive got on the external. If it fails at 12x would you say its busted? I’ll do a read speed too before I burn.


Absolutely. :iagree:


I suggest you to copy the movie on your internal HDD and then burn from the internal drive. I don’t know if burning from external drive to another external drive is a good idea.

If you want to do anyway from external HDD I suggest you to try first to burn @12x, and then @8x if @12x fail.


You may find this & this interesting.

Before you start questioning the burner try some more discs.


I dont understand, isnt the drive technically buggered if it refuses to write at its max speed? You saw the second scan up there, i wanted to do another test disc, and for ten minutes it did nothing and it just ‘flat lined’ from the word go, whats up with that?