HOLY MACORONI! Need serious help with my LTD163!

Hey everyone.

Ok so here is the problem. The benchmarking tool, Nero Cd speed shows my DVD-Rom going nuts.

Please note this is my Second! Drive that I got that is doing the SAME exact thing.

My LTD163 F/W is GNH1. I’ve tried to flash the F/W with the executables from Liteons website but DOESN’T Work. I have gone to ALOT of sites storing tons of firmwares I could use in DOS, again DIDN’T Work. I’ve tried Primary/Master, Primary/Slave, Secondary/Master, and Secondary/Slave ALL with same results. I’ve tried it PIO and DMA, but I STILL get the same results. And I have done this with 2 Totally different computers. One with an Nforce board, and the other with a Biostar board…still same results. I downloaded ASPI drivers. (BUT they might be the wrong ones, so if someone could direct me to some, it would be most helpful.)

Now that you know the extensive testing that I have done, its time to describe the problem.

In Nero CD Speed, I can go through an entire Data cd without the drive messing up. But when I put in certain DVDs and audio CDs about half way through, it starts to mess up. Just to give you a hint it sounds like this: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz…ZZZZZZzzzzz…

 As it is running and than Pausing for apparantly NO reason.  After about 30 seconds, CD Speed gives me an Error and terminates the program.  Does anyone know what the problem is?  Is it possible that I got 2 (TWO) DVD-roms that have the Exact same problem?  I find it hard to believe and I think it is software related.  In one of the topics on this forum it said something about adaptec and its ASPI drivers fixing DAE on Liteon drives.  But I think I already have those drivers, but I may have the wrong one, as my drive is still not working perfectly.

And on a brighter note, I OC’d my 32123S to 40X and its working perfectly.

Thanks in advance, I hope someone can help me with my problem.

Strange indeed, exactly the same on 2 drives… :confused:

For flashing you should try the GH4F first, it doesn’t check for existing firmware and will flash ANY ltd163, including oems.
After that you’re free to upgrade to any recent fw.

However, you will be smart to first backup your fw, using Mtkflash.

Get all the above and more directly at my site.

cu :cool: