Holy Crap I been had!

well after buying some of the best media from many different places, like Rima, new egg and 16X DVD +R’s from circuitcity my dvd scan still blewup at the 2.75 gig mark According to plextools Q check pi\po test. After burning 25 movies at high speed with my NEC at 16X and my 712a 12X everyone scanned poorly at the 2.75gig mark. well you know what every disk played fine in all 3 of my pc’s and in every home DVD player I tried them in 4 in all. I’m done with these dam scans they mean nothing at all or they are down right false reading. don’t waste your time on scanning them, play them and if they work they are good scans. The only ones I had issues with are the 4X disks I tried at 12X but I don’t blame the burners on these.

Even though your players can read the discs, this does not mean that they were written well. It simply indicates that you have good readers (read: readers that are able to correct errors well). Of course, it could be that your Plextor drive is indeed detecting too many errors. To check this, it would be best to try scanning the discs with a different drive. If this drive also detects a lot of errors then your media is most definitely questionable.

ok, I have now tried the disks in a total of 10 different laptop and desktop dvd roms and everyone of them played fine even though the pi\po test showed otherwise. I have also been able to copy all of the data from the dvd to each and every hard drive. My point is if you can read the disks and they play fine don’t get hung up on running these scans in my opinion they are next to worthless if they work in the real world. Cheers

Good point indeed. But, as I said, it could be that your Plextor drive is the problem here. Usually a high PI/PO scan is a good indication of the media quality and when the PI/PO rate is too high you’re bound to have read problems, like for instance pixelation on stand-alone DVD players.

And don’t forget long term storage… higher PI/PO counts in the early days usually mean problems in the long run.

I get no pixels in any of the movies I back up, My point is I just don’t believe the results. My Plextor drive reads fine, it rips movies at 12-14X faster then any drive I have ever seen. To many people are getting hung up on these tests and calling there burners garbage when it is most likely a software glitch in K_Probe or Plextools. Oh well my rant is over just trying to help out the poor sap who is tossing there dvd’s away because some POS software states the burn is bad when it may not be. Use them in real world before declairing your burner crap.

Same here, I’ve had no problems with my 716A. Usually takes 6:00-6:30 to burn on Verbatim 16X and everything has played fine in my standalone DVD player and a few of my friend’s players.

I agree with howard … a good (maybe exceptional, in terms of tolerance towards low-level disc errors) will thus report lower PI/PO counts. But if your discs are definitely out of spec, even the best reader will get stuck in POF and thus reporting data loss …

This is one of the reasons I still prefer a nice and smooth transfer rate graph …

I’ve seen the same on my PX-716A… scans that look like they could have come from a frisbee play fine in my standalone DVD players. The only thing I’m not comfortable with is that the Nero transfer speed graphs look pretty scary.