Holy cow!



i didint even know you could do this kind of stuff!..its amazing…well i had an idea cuz i flashed my 360 drive i never even thought to flash my pc drive til just now…anyway…im not a total noob

im having alot of problems backing up my 360 games with my drive…

i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out where to start

(its not just 360 games tho… alot of DL dvd problems ) but 360 backups are my main concern

i have a philips spd2413p and ive updated my firmware to gp03…i hear there is a gp04 firmware but its not on the philips site…but i found this thread here


and some one there states theres a newer firmware but its impossible to find that firmware from 2 years ago haha

also…i seen there were some custom firmware that might be available for my drive…but i would like some recomendations they would better suit me
if there is some thing available…thanks everyone…p.s. this site is awsome


Welcome to the forums mrpervie.

You should look in our Console forum for information regarding backups for your 360 games. If using DL media, the one thing I can tell you is that you should use Verbatim brand only.


well right now could someone point me int he direction of where and how i go about flashing my drive with better firmware and how to determine which firmware is compatible with my drive…my firmware sucks…im almost sure of it from what ive read


and just so everyone knows…i can burn 360 games on my laptop just fine…its my damn desktop drive…i want to try new firmware…if that dosnt work im just gunna trash it and buy a new one


I’m not sure one of the Philips drive experts will find your thread here in the Newbies mrpervie. If no one has chimed in with help by the morning, I’ll add a bit to your title and move the thread to the BenQ/Philips subforum.

Edit: Or maybe not…I see you’ve started a thread there now. If anyone has information on firmware for mrpervie, please reply in his thread in the Philips forum.


haha! thanks kerry…took me a bit to kinda …find my way around this site…im a busy guy what can i say =P…im jk thanks tho