Holographic storage achieves half-terabit per square inch data density



I just posted the article Holographic storage achieves half-terabit per square inch data density.

Leader in Holographic Storage Successfully
Demonstrates 515 Gigabits Per Square Inch Data…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11664-Holographic-storage-achieves-half-terabit-per-square-inch-data-density.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11664-Holographic-storage-achieves-half-terabit-per-square-inch-data-density.html)

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Yeah baby! :d


Man, these guys have been vaporware since around 1999-2000. I keep seeing press releases and such from them, but never a product I can buy. Give me a story when they actually release something. I’m tired of seeing these releases about this great new technology that beats hard drives, however, for some reason it doesn’t seem to be on the market. (ie: vaporware)


This is nothing but an Hot Air Press Release it absolutely tells nothing we did not know 10 Years ago when they first stated this vapor talk.Same capacities Same Discs and technology.:r


It does not seem as vopor as the Phantom Console (that I think will NEVER it the market) but it’s strange how long they take to release the initial product. Normally all new technologies go out with an initial relaese (also to make some money to start repaying the R&D costs…) and then build up in spec and performance. They seem to prefer building up before releasing the very first product. Strange and uncommon… It may be that they have some issues on specific points so they can improve other aspects but need to fix these “not shared issues” before releasing also the very first product.


i don’t think inphase will be vaporware, but it will take few years to see the real product we can buy. (sorry, i am not an expert in this area, so there might be some errors in my writing :wink: ) there are two major divisions in hologrphic area: two laswer & single laser systems. i think inphase is using two red laser system; one is for the address & the other for the data. there is another company from japan called optoware or something like that has also developed holographic data drive system that than take disks upto 3.4 terabytes & prototype is already available. one remarkable thing for that company is that there are about 10 disks companies signed up for the licenses. disks can be make for any size upto 3.4TB only problem for that system is that the price of the drive is expected for 10kusd range…i don’t even want to know about the disk price. currently under standardized process & they don’t have any plan to open up the drive technology license…no wonder since the two co-founders are from sony’s bd development team it is not clear whether the different sized of disks have different physical structures or not, but it seems like all disks shares same structure but there are none-user-accessable areas on disks where the capacity mark will be located optoware was developed for the broadcast companies…not for regualar persons like me if inphase can pull 1.6TB disk for under 10usd & the drive for under 200usd in 3 years, i think we have a winner


I want to see 4TB holographic flash memory.


Lets just hope they don’t travel down the same road as HD and BR of they will be doomed as well. Did you notice all the delays and changes in Hd and BR lately. I think our collective voices are being heard and the manfactures know if they continue down their road they will have spend a large amount of money on something that nobody wants. Tosheba bring 10,000 units on line knowing and thinking that they are not going to sell to well. Keep writing those letters and comments. Hollywood could be made a non issue. They need a place to put their product but if the manufactures of the drives say no way… they are sort of stuck in the middle with no place else to go.


20MB/sec transfer rate is nothing to get excited about.


You young guys will get to have this and technologies beyond. Im hopeful Ill still be alive to perhaps have one some day myself. Im very envious of you all that you will get to have and enjoy so many things that have not even been thought of yet. Hd and BR as far as I can tell is still vapor ware. Technologies that so far are not out in the wild and how they will hold up for the end users in the real world…. And their pending demise based on such restrictive uses controlled by others. Holographic is very exciting. It would be a true marvel to work on it’s development and be part of something so exciting.


Oh great ! BluRay and HDDVD is barely out and now it’s already obsolete so is DVD. I guess this will FORCE everyone with VHS and DVD and BluRay to throw everything and start from scratch this is pathetic. This is like Microsoft talking about blackcomb, it’s future OS after VISTA, you know the DRM crippling P.O.S., well now VISTA is already obsolete before it’s release.


You know they also demonstrated UHDTV. It runs at a res of almost 2600x1920 (these numbers are being pulled out of my ass but the format is real) and needs a few terabytes of hd space for a 30min flick. It’s also vomit inducing but anyway this makes HDTV’s obsolete aswell even though it wont be out for another 20 years.
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UHDV, as it stands right now in the development phase, is 7,680 by 4320. That’s 32 million pixels compared to the 2 million offered by current generation HD. We won’t see it mainstreamed for a while though, if ever. Too bad InPhase doesn’t release any solid PR. When can we expect to see it? Any idiot knows that storage will EVENTUALLY be 1.6TB+…