Hologram disc?

I heard of a disc thats the size of a dvd/cd that is holographic etc…

I forgot the sites name, but it said to hold 250-300gigs if produced?
anyone heard of this?

Will not be available within the next 3 or 4 years…

Yes :slight_smile:
Leader in Holographic Storage Successfully Demonstrates 515 Gigabits Per Square Inch Data Density; as Compared to 300 Gigabits for Magnetic Disk Drives

There is a press release in the news section of cdfreaks if you want the full story.
I think if this gets off the ground that BLU and HD discs will be in serious trouble. :bigsmile:

It’s the marketing strategy which will decide here if this becomes a success or a total crash.

I first read about “three-dimensional” terabyte storage about 15 years ago. Maybe some guys at the DARPA have used such technologies for some military purposes and they don’t yet want to share them with anyone else. :iagree:

This might be what you are looking for


This site maked blu-ray and HD-DVD seem tiny and not even worth upgrading to, the industry should dump blu-ray, release HD-DVD as a minor upgrade.

Then focus on 3D Holographic Optical Nanostorage. Most people will probably be ok with DVD and HD-DVD for a long while, when it comes to home movies and so on, but over all time is running out.

Big players need big storage, now I am talking about storage of lots of data as the site says etc. Even if this isn’t going to be cheap for home owners, I would whitout a problem buy a device like that, even if it would set me back 2000-3000 USD and price per disc might be 100-200 USD.

It is worth the money if you have that big storage needs, but there might be several versions and all that, nothing is done yeat anyway.

I would guess around 2010-2015 we will see this kind of storage for everyone.