Hollywood vs. 321 Studios - court battle starts this Friday

I just posted the article Hollywood vs. 321 Studios - court battle starts this Friday.

 As some of our visitors will know 321 Studios,  creators of the DVDXCopy software, are facing a legal battle because their software allows people  to create perfect copies of their DVD...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5772-Hollywood-vs_-321-Studios---court-battle-starts-this-Friday.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5772-Hollywood-vs_-321-Studios---court-battle-starts-this-Friday.html)

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backing up dvds is perfectly leagal in australia, even if it has copy protection.

Maybe I should place a bet on this one. Bound to lose.

When you have kids they ruin certain fragile objects, if I buy a dvd movie I think I own this particular flat round object no matter what is on it, I bought it it is mine! If I choose to make a backup copy it is also mine! When I buy a couch there is a tag on it that says do not remove under penalty of law…I bought it, I own it, and regardless of the Monty Python skit, police did not come out of my couch to arrest me…I feel that if I bought it once, I OWN IT…if I choose to sell it for lower rates, bootleg it, then I expect to get arrested…let it be and go after the real criminals! I have a right to buy software to help assist me in backups…these are my views and I don’t even own a DVD-Recorder and I don’t think I will ever own one…my kid knows that if you break it you pay for it! So far no casualties…:):slight_smile:

Hollywood’s argument is good, but 321 has a much better one. The consumers have the right of the Industries, without us they would not be an “industry”. These money-obsessed, greedy pigs are constantly whining about their copyrights… what about our rights as consumers? I don’t own a DVD burner, but I promise, when I do, I will give away their movies, just to lash back. The encryption on DVDs is so easily bypassed if you get a “ISO Buster”. If you search “smart projects” on google, you will find Smart Project’s website where you can download ISO Buster, which is illegal in the USA, but I don’t know who would actually obey a law that dumb. The industries need to just shut up and get used to technology. They wanted to go digital, no one forced them to switch to CD and DVD instead of cassette. They just got what they deserved.

And no doubt Russell Frackman also believes that if the verdict goes to the studios, dvd copying, worldwide, will immediately cease…:X

i wonder why have cdfreaks on 321 studio image on the article :d :d :d

It’s from the avatar used by one of the 321 Studio support guys on our DVD Software Forum.
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