Hollywood TV Sabotage Opposed



July 25, 2008 — Public Knowledge and a half-dozen other consumer groups are leading the charge against selectable output control, Hollywood’s attempt to deny signals to the component video inputs on early (in fact, all) high-definition TVs.

Link: http://hometheatermag.com/news/072508tvsabotage/



Hollywood executives are so desperate to prevent piracey[if I spelled
it right].that they are trying to stop home users of dvr’s[who pay for
their programming?] from recording movies off of services that they
pay for. I believe if they would lower movie ticket prices,and go with
their plan to offer cheaper downloads of full dvd’s including the
special features would avoid them a lot of legal bills in court challeges.
Good Luck ZAP.


This is why we must keep them in check or big brother will take our freedoms away.



Your right!


It’s too bad more in the forum didn’t have an opinion on this.
If they understood what greedy hollywood executives were trying
to do. I think there would be more anger about this.
Good Luck Thanks for the info.