Hollywood to reward for piracy tips

I just posted the article Hollywood to reward for piracy tips.

If your cashflow is currently lacking, you could make yourself a pirate hunter and start looking for manufacturers of fake DVDs. Evertyime you find one and give the U.S. film industry association a…

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These are the ones who sell fake DVDs so every thing is all ok. If they were trying to crack down on ones who don’t sell them I would have to say FUCK Hollywood!!!

All youre actors and musicians are all overpaid anyway so i hope you loose more and more money.How do you like it.Tables are turned and you see how we feel when you fuck us and you dont like it so do you think we do.I hope we run you to the dog house you greedy lowlifes

Looks like Hollywood has been reading too many Judge Dredd comics! (where citizens were encouraged to shop friends and family who have committed crime). :g

They are not losing that much money, However, now they will be with all these tips comming in. THey are going to be losing money because they will be paying people to find pirates.

This is IMO a good thing. Understand that we are not talking about home users, or even corporate users who choose to copy a DVD, we are talking about the piracy rings that are doing it for a living. I don’t think anyone here agrees with pirating for a living, the idea behind our ‘piracy’ is much differrent, and by all means the ending of piracy for profit is a good thing.

I for one think that it will be funny to bust popd, and all the other freaks out there who lives of copying others work. repect to hollywood. i know this will give me some beating, but who fucking cares, i for one buy my software legally, and if you cant handle it, suck my dick!

I’ve got a fake CD, it says region 1 and won’t play. I’d like to see those who are responsible rotting in jail for the rest of their lives. Messiah, go suck your own dick (remember Clerks ?)

Here’s a tip, lower prices you bastards, and we’ll all buy more DVDs! Oh yeah and for films that flop at the box office, i.e. the crap ones, you’ll have to take the normal LOWER price and halve it before we’ll buy those… Can I have my money now?