Hollywood studios win :-(

I just posted the article Hollywood studios win :frowning:.

A while ago, we told you about the DMCA. Now here’s the first (or one of the first?) tests for it. But sadly enough it has turned out bad.

…In a major victory for Hollywood movie studios, a…

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I’m truly outraged! Having followed the case closely this REALLY is surreal and stinks of a “paid” job. Anyone who has the time should go read some of the case briefs(2600.com). Guess soon any kind of programming won’t be covered by “free speech”. Jeez, what’s next? we’re not allowed to speak? Everyone should go join/support the EFF(.org) Sure happy not to be American right now!

The really ridiculous part is that if they really did a good job they should be able to make the source of the darn thing public and still you couldn’t crack it for love or money. Why not just if your so darn paranoid about this do things right in the first place? However from our point of view very little is lost. What Americans often fail to understand is that there is a world outside the USA. In fact this would not even be illegal in Canada!!! I would be more then happy to post such a page. After all I am not subject to these stupid american laws! P.S. I figure in the case against Kazaa and all other file sharing apps ultimately if it wins it basically says anything that can be used for illegal purposes is illegal. Therefore next we sue every FTP program company. And finally next we sue both the US military and more importantly Al Gore as the creators of the internet:)

Ya right, like they were not going to win. Everybody in politics or in judicial branchs are paid off from big business (it’s the american way). The music and MPAA industry reap such huge profits there was noway they were going to lose. O ya and if you think these payoff type of countries work, look at japan, ya there doing great!! This co%&smocking way of doing business has got to stop, look at our *&cked broadband industry and you will see what I mean. R.I.P. @HOME