Hollywood Studios will launch paid service for online movies

I just posted the article Hollywood Studios will launch paid service for online movies.

Today the Hollywood movie studios will present us Movielink, their answer to the online movie-swapping scene. Users will be able to rent a movie for 24 hours (wow, what a long period), including…

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well if it takes me 2 days to download then it seems kinda pointless. Yes, i’m still on 56k but unless you’re on a 1meg line then whats the point. You can probably walk to oyur local blockbuster in the time it’ll take to download.

It would be useful if the download is done over night, but if one lives near a video store, it’s much quicker to rent out a DVD. EuropeOnline offers a similar service although currently only with foreign language movies. In this case, the movie is downloaded over satellite at 2Mbps in about an hour. I think they charge €4 per movie.

And what’s to say someone don’t crack the expiration on them and share them on P2P? I wonder about the quality also. Gonna be some proprietary format with it’s own player no doubt. Bet it sucks. Or maybe it’s some crappy streaming method with DRM :stuck_out_tongue:

I have checked their site www.movielink.com They charge $2.99, $3.99$4.99 per “rental” The most expensive are new titles. They offer movie in RealPlayer format, but I have no idea what is the resolution.

Movielink must be the reason why the movie industry shut down a site that was legally doing the same thing, intertainer.com.

Why download a movie that only works for 24 hours when you can on a P2P network download one that doesn’t expire for free?