Hollywood studios sue 321 Studios, DVD X Copy creators

I just posted the article Hollywood studios sue 321 Studios, DVD X Copy creators.

As we already reported some time back, 321 Studio’s, creators of the popular DVD X Copy sofware, are involved in a law suit. Today we can find a follow-up story on the Reuters.com

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5114-Hollywood-studios-sue-321-Studios-DVD-X-Copy-creators.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5114-Hollywood-studios-sue-321-Studios-DVD-X-Copy-creators.html)

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Pirates loot other people’s property. While someone or some group may place the movie onto the Internet, the only way to get a pristine copy of it before it is released is from the movie studios, therefore, it is the movie studios who are to blame for early releases. People that own the software still have the right to backup their software so long as they don’t give it away. Like someone else posted yesterday, when software came on a floppy, instructions told you to make a backup of the software, use the backup to install and place the originals in a safe place. I wonder if the studios would change their minds if everyone requested replacements for the originals for safety reasons.

You guys are too late. You should have been fighting the DMCA’s creation instead. Look at the whole point of the DCMA. That is so far-reaching that it applies even to programs like CloneCD, Alcohol, etc…

Quick get your DVDXCopy from Kazaa now before the arseholes shut the company down…! …and on we copy regardless of laws created by the braindead…and on we will always copy because the Internet belongs to the people not the governments of the world, or anyone country. Sorry USA DMCA means shit here…! Oh yeah, and it means shit in the “land of the free” as well…just how many of those politicians are on on the payroll of the Hollywood pencil necks?

DMCA = Dumb Motherfxxker Chokes-yo Ass

I wish 321 Studios the best of luck at winning the court case. Isn’t it just amazing how a software would have legal troubles, but guns don’t have legal problems. We ban software to save companies money, but we don’t ban guns to save people’s lives. It just shows how FUCKED up USA legislation is. MrStimpy is right people probably ought to hurry and get their copy of it now before greedy Hollywood shuts them down.

To MrStimpy: Don’t you get it? Even if you are from a different country and you get caught breaking the USA DMCA, you can still be prosecuted by the USA government. It just happened to that company from Russia.

@ TheTarbaby That is not true. The guy was arrested because he was showing off the software in some convention in America. If he had been more discreet, he would not have been arrested. Anyway, in the first DMCA test case, Adobe LOST its case against Elcomsoft. http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/28654.html