Hollywood studios report record revenues

I just posted the article Hollywood studios report record revenues.

 Well, if  you  ever wondered if Hollywood was actually losing money to file sharing and other  activities they deem wrong, then you should wonder no more. The way  it looks, they're making...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10250-Hollywood-studios-report-record-revenues.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10250-Hollywood-studios-report-record-revenues.html)

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So does this come as any surprise? The sheeple have no idea of what is actually going on, and they continue to support these cartels. I wish this report would open up law maker’s eyes and make them realize that laws to protect these corrupt corporations should be revoked, and more power should be brought to the consumer. Of course, if we bought our government off as much as these guys do, I am sure we would be able to do whatever we wanted with our merchandise. Yes it’s a rant, I am just sick of them saying piracy is killing us, then post record profits all the time…kinda like how banks downsize, then have record profits, gas companies gouge us for gas, and have record profits…seems all anyone cares about is making sure they make more money more money more money. blah I hate big business

They forgot to add inflation into the number I bet they lost billions of dollars in value if you combine inflation :slight_smile: Also pigs are blue

Hollywood is amazing. Who else can sue and threaten their own customers and still post record profits every year?
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Well we can all continue copying and not feel guilty about it. Maybe the movie industry could congratulate the torrent sites for promoting their movies :slight_smile: