Hollywood seeks new hardware controls & consumer payments

I just posted the article Hollywood seeks new hardware controls & consumer payments.

 Looks like  Hollywood is making that trek up the hill again, Capitol Hill that is and  you aint going to like what they are up to this time. It seems  that the Broadcast  Flag as...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11067-Hollywood-seeks-new-hardware-controls--consumer-payments.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11067-Hollywood-seeks-new-hardware-controls--consumer-payments.html)

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What a wonderful world!! La,La,La,L$$$,L$$$!!!

Everyone is jumping on this bandwagon as profits slip. The new XBox will have ‘value added’ game content to nickel and dime you to death. Want to wear a new hat on your character, $.50. Want a turbo upgrade, that’s $1.00. I see this being a complete failure, but what do I know. Would you like to skip this commercial? That will be $2.00

You should be grateful, their finally giving the consumer a choice :stuck_out_tongue: I mean at the moment consumers must forward through adverts if they don’t want to watch them, for the first time networks will be nice and give the consumer the ability to pay to get rid of the advert :B Of course there are no other options such as downloading ripped tv shows from the net…

Only in America, land of the rube, home of the fleeced. And the best part? They’re stupid enough to let stuff like this get passed, which then goes off to attempt to infect the rest of the planet. And before anyone starts crying “Foul!”: They passed DMCA, didn’t they? The American entertainment industry farts and the rest of the planet cops the stink.
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According to this link, Hollywood wants laws to stop analoge recording http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=27385

So how long before these a$$holes get taken down with a RICO lawsuit? This is pretty obvious that they are trying to extort their customers, I am just surprised that the politicians would even listen to this tripe. Oh yeah I forgot this the group of elected officials we are talking about, that believe the people in their country are too stupid to realize they are selling their rights to every corporation. I think it is time that the US people took back their government from the corrupt politicians, and brought things back to as they were, with equal representation.

sounds like what bandits do; taking money from everyone just because they are doing what they are entitled to do so like walking on the street or having business open. as U.S. chose mr. bush TWICE, well, there is fat chance that it will be passed if it is passed & the government would bug me as much as i think they woudl; i will ditch my tv & will read books until copy right cartel takes actions on the books we are living in sad days, indeed

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAM” There, that felt better. I will not express the foul obsenities that come to mind when I read this. I will stop watching TV if it comes to that level of freedom restricting control. And for now I will keep downloading every TV episode that I watch regularily because the quality is superior to my cable provider’s signal and all the commercials are already removed.
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Since this is Capitalism’s world. You can’t really stop it because everyone is casting the art of making money. There is law of demand & supply in the works. So if ppl don’t like it and they don’t use it, obviously it will die. If I was the Hollywood giant, I would do the same!

You most definitely can stop it. These laws get passed because people are sheep. In days gone by, young people were political and passionate and made a lot of noise when things happened that they thought should not. They effected change. Now they drown in a sea of self-indulgent apathy. If they remain sheep, the abortion will continue and they will be gently led to the slaughterhouse. I would say that they deserve it but the rest of us do NOT.

When it comes to TV programming I’m begining to not watch first run shows anyway. I’m waiting for the DVD to come out. I then buy it, watch it, then sale or trade it. This way I can: 1. Watch at my leisure, not when the station dictates. 2. Watch without addvertising. 3. Watch 1, 2, or more eps. I don’t have to wait until next week to find out what happened. All the broadcast flag is going to do is force me to watch less TV not more. When there are other entertainment alternatives (games, books [you remember books don’t you, the stories where you had to supply your own audio/video :-)], etc.) I think I can live without a TV (if I had to), after all our forefathers did. I agree with previous posts that it seems like we are traveling in reverse. Besides my cat is more entertaining than most of the crap they put on TV anyway.

Just say “NO”!!! Say it with your money!! It’s the only language they understand or care about.