Hollywood says it could get burned by DVD backups -DVDxCopy news

I just posted the article Hollywood says it could get burned by DVD backups -DVDxCopy news.

In an article on Yahoo there is again information on the software DVDxCopy. While we reported that the software has been released, this seems it has only been to a limited group of testers, and not…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4769-Hollywood-says-it-could-get-burned-by-DVD-backups--DVDxCopy-news.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4769-Hollywood-says-it-could-get-burned-by-DVD-backups--DVDxCopy-news.html)

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I hope the guys at CD Freaks do a extensive review of this product. Cause if it really works this will kick ass.

As far as I can tell all this software does is take a title set, say the main movie and then author and burn it to 1 or 2 DVD blanks. Absolutely nothing amazing about that. What they mean by a 1:1 copy is that the movie is not re-encoded. However you missout on extras, etc. and it is unencrypted so it is definatly not a 1:1 copy. Save your $100 and get a copy of IFO edit and DVD Decrypter or Smart Ripper.

It really sucks that such a software may have legal troubles. Is’nt it just outrageous that a software like this has legal troubles and a gun does not. Why don’t the DVD pressing equipment have legal battles? DVD pressing equipment allows professional pirates to mass dupe and sell DVD movies. Once again Hollywood is more concerned about regulating the little guy than the big guy. Is’nt the law just so stupid?

OK - So, Hollywood gets burned. So what? Will that mean the end of civilisation? Or, perhaps, (finally!) the BEGINNING of it? (Mind you, this is a SERIOUS question–I, for one, am not decided on it.)

@celtic_druid: If that’s all, then it can’t do anything more than IFO-Edit. In this case, it would not be worth the time a review takes.

UofM3000, nothing in your ranting makes any sense! You’re comparing a software title to a handgun (which could be used to kill a person) unless you’re speaking of “coding” somebody to death? That’s about as much sense as your entire paragraph. The law is there to protect these movie companies from major losses due to people making “backup” copies of DVDs they rent or borrow from a friend. I don’t know why people find it necessary to screw the movie makers since DVDs are pretty cheap as it is. What all of this is going go lead to is the movie studios raising the price of ALL DVD titles! So, you people who make “backup copies” of movies are only ensuring Hollywood a reason to start charging double or triple the current price of DVDs. Nice going! :frowning:

Leave it to the lamers. Are you really telling me this is worth $100? These guys are screwing you more than hollywood. Anyone who knows what they’re on about can do this anyway

Exactly. Isn’t it a little strange that they are planning on selling this for $100, when you can find all sorts of apps using the same code that was “sued off the internet” three years ago. It is just amazing

oh the pain. another pun. (hollywood burned. get it?)

hey southernson 69 you say its the people that make them charge more maybe they should lower their lifesyle a little bit.All i see is them in million dollar homes and 100,000 dollar vechiles at our expense by charging us a fortune.I dont think any of them are hurting for money and they wouldnt be able to make it working a real job like the average american.Better know what youre talking out before you decide to speak

@SouthernSon69: quote: “since DVDs are pretty cheap” — yeah, maybe cheap for you. last time I looked on a dvd shelf in a shop a dvd was 40-50 DM, that 20-25 euros. what’s cheap about that? I don’t give a phuck whether Mel Gibson goes bancrupt if copies of his films are spread. Those Hollywood people have enough money for the next 1 mio years.

I agree with Jolard. How do you remove a program from the Internet? DeCSS and all its successors are freely available in many places. Besides, I still don’t see how they are going to fit a movie on 1 disc if the main movie file (without all the extras) is over 4.7Gb. Would you want a copy where you had to change discs before the end of the film?