Hollywood & retailers eye DVD burning kiosks to improve sales



I just posted the article Hollywood & retailers eye DVD burning kiosks to improve sales.

 Many of 

the major retailers such as Wal-Mart have been selling reduced price DVDs as a
means of luring customers to their stores to purchase other goods, however with
the slowing down DVD…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11928-Hollywood--retailers-eye-DVD-burning-kiosks-to-improve-sales.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11928-Hollywood--retailers-eye-DVD-burning-kiosks-to-improve-sales.html)

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$24 billion home DVD market Hmmm…doesnt look like any number the mpaa/riaa has ever shown us in their declining sales studies.


We all know that this is their plan to make you buy an inferior product that will not last more then a year in your normal household and it will force you to buy another copy because you do not own the movie you only have the right to watch the movie blah blah blah. Cripes I bet their burning station will be some kid with a hookup to an ftp site and a sharpee marker to label it :stuck_out_tongue: And it will be the same price as a normal dvd, 20 bux. We know the dinosaurs are trying to stop their extinction, but as long as the same idiots are running the show, they are all going to die out sooner rather then later


Just another way to SHAFT consumers more often. Nothing less. There is no way in hell I’d pay and use a burned copy of a movie over a pressed one. They can stuff their burned copies where the sun doesn’t shine.


Quote: “The kiosks would also have the drawback in that consumers would have to wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes for the kiosk to download the movie and burn it to disc, which is quite a different experience from picking up a disc, dropping it into the cart and walking over to the aisle.” End Quote Simple answer, Wally World has a 1 hour photo lab in just about every store, right? Why could this not be an automated version of that, but for DVD movies? I don’t see anything wrong with this, especially since many of the Wally Worlds are only being built in super sized to carry groceries and such. Go to the DVD kiosk, pick out the movie you want, do what needs to be done to burn it, go shopping, go back an hour later and pick up the burnt DVD and pay for it with the rest of the products. As far as disc labelling, with labelflash and inkjet printable media, the machine can take care of that by itself. It may even be to their advantage to offer different standard DVD labels to print or allow you to design your own at the kiosk. I just don’t see a problem with this, other than hopefully this is not some waste of $$ for consumers because the discs only last six months or a year. Especially thinking as a dad, I think this is a great way to share cartoons that I grew up with, with my kids without having to go on a long and often times fruitless search for them. And if they’re cheap enough (i.e. like the DVD’s in WW’s famous $5.50 DVD bins), this would be a great way to get movies and cartoons for the car DVD player so that you don’t have to worry about the originals (I don’t have a DVD RW drive and I know lots of people who don’t, this could be an alternative for us).


this is an interesting concept. assuming would WOULD be interested, the fact needs to be faced that this will be an investment on the part of the corporations and they want to suck as much money as possible out of this venture. since the cost to the consumer is probably not going to be much (who would pay a lot for a BURNED disc anyway?) they’re going to cut corners elsewhere. the first thing to suffer: media quality. anyone that’s a member at the CDFreaks forums knows that the #1 support issue is not usually with peoples’ burners, but with their media. They will have a MUCH better business model with downloads to portable video devices than with burns in my opinion


I’m sure wal mart would use only the highest quality media:p …I bet you’d be lucky to get CMC, ritek would probably be their choice


Of course, the media will be crap and u’ll have to come back and return it and they’ll say its not returnable, only an exchange for same crap…and so on as always. Nonetheless i love the idea. Instead of sweeping dust on their useless displays trying to find some good oldie, u can check the database online and then come and burn it. I only hope they will have a good 4.3 gig size, not some crappy 700mb divx. Cheers.