Hollywood prepares to fight File-Swapper

I just posted the article Hollywood prepares to fight File-Swapper.

Source: The Standard

Fearing ‘Napsterization,’ the studios focus on taking control of digital distribution.

In show business lingo, 2001 opened strong: Holiday moviegoers spent…

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When are they going to realize that “the greater the effort to control, will lead to greater disappointment”!

Oh my god, I love the idiots. They keep giving me ideas. Between them and the music industry we dont need to come up with ideas because they do it for us. They have big brain storming ideas of all the things we can come up with.
Come on guys, they suggested it now who’s going to do it. A program to swap divx’s. Exactly the same format as napster but set up so that we can resume downloads.
Any of you guys a good enough programmer to do it??
It would be like a great big divx library

Oh koo lemem e-mail that dood from napster and lemme load up my compiler so i can reverse the codec lol.

Isn’t Imesh and Swapoo just that?
With Imesh you can search peer-to-peer for any file format, it has resume as well as alternate dl sites (in case one shuts down).


As far as I know CuteMX is already capable of trading divx (and any other binary file) and it can resume too.