Hollywood not giving up on home 3D



Hollywood not giving up on home 3D.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/11/72reRJ.jpg[/newsimage]Lackluster 2011 box office performances and slow 3D TV adoption rates are not deterring movie studios from backing the reborn technology. Several upcoming Blu-ray 3D releases could find their way to the top of sales charts this holiday season as the format's library heads toward a milestone.

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I’m seem to not care about 3d at home. Which is wierd because I was excited about HD back in the day, and all over adopting that format. I couldn’t seem to care less about watching 3d at home on a 40-50 inch tv.

Sometimes if the movie was actually filmed in 3d (and it looks good in 3d) its worth seeing in 3d in the theatre. From my experience for most movies its an afterthough, and the 3d really isn’t worth it.

My guess is though. The tech will become cheaper, so eventually it will be built in all tvs. Since it also uses bluray, at some point most players will also support it. Will the masses pay extra for 3d content though?


The few 3D Blu-Rays I’ve seen for sale in stores are like $35, that’s nuts.

I think it’s floundering because you have to replace everything, TV, Blu-Ray player, receiver, etc and people aren’t all that interested.


I love the New 3D movies that’s why I bought Fujitsu 3D notebook and Vizio 3D HDTV and both use Theater Glasses. I also bought a FujiFilm 3D Camera. My desktop computers video card has HDMI so I can even play 3D Blu-ray movies or 3D files and see them in 3D. YouTube YT3D videos are fun. Now I just wish there would be more HDTV broadcasts other than ESPN 3D.



Yah its pretty tough to convince everyone to replace their bluray players and hdtv’s to get 3d tech. I imagine it could be a technology that creeps in the back door.

Most everyone bought new tv’s in the last 5 years, with the conversion of CRT’s to LCD’s/Plasma’s. It’s a bit soon to be trying to get them to rebuy again.

Give it another 10 years when the current gen of tv’s have stopped working, and you’ll probably see a slow adoption of 3d tv’s (mostly because i’m guessing after a while, there won’t be 2d only tv’s, sort of like you can’t buy a crt anymore).


If the Studio’s want 3D to go anywhere they are going to have to radically adjust their target market. So far the only content has been either Animated Children’s movies or Blow the Crap out of everything Super Hero flicks.
Last time I checked neither small children nor snot nosed geeks had any buying clout.
As for we “old farts with money” not interested.
Damned if I’m going to pay $50.00 cdn to buy a 3d flick at any of the chain stores.


And for that matter, who in their right mind wants to watch tv with a set of goggles strapped on. Little wonder that the public uptake has been slow to non-existent.


I watch the crap via sat, approx. 15 channels by now, growing.
But i am not impressed.


It makes me nauseous. Ergo I don’t use it.