Hollywood hopes to hobble home video recording hardware

I just posted the article Hollywood hopes to hobble home video recording hardware.

Movie studios are
paranoid about the high definition TV signals on the horizon. Hollywood
wants future consumer electronics limited in how video files can be moved
between devices…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8106-Hollywood-hopes-to-hobble-home-video-recording-hardware.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8106-Hollywood-hopes-to-hobble-home-video-recording-hardware.html)

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What’s the point of blu-ray dvd if you can’t record the high definition stuff from tv.

Ahhh, well there we get into a battle between the Consumer Electronics (CE)giants and Hollywood. CE wanna keep us buying and upgrading our kit, but we won’t do that if Hollywood gets these limitations through. Like you quite rightly say, no point in any of the HD-DVD technologies if they’re crippled…we won’t be buying any of them for any dollars. Hundreds of millions of pounds of research down the drain…perhaps the CE industry could sue Hollywood? After Hollywood, well the RIAA at least, are keen to sue everyone else…so how long does it take to sue 6 million plus people…? :d

“Hundreds of millions of pounds of research down the drain…” Exactly how “Heavy” was this research? :g

How could the recording industry cry foul? They produce equipment which is largely used to plunder copyright material. How many VCR’s are in the hands of home video enthusiasts? Clearly thet want to go digital not to stop recording copyright material, but to make sure that those recordings are paid for some way. I do think it’s strange though to talk of lowrezzing analog. Compared to direct copying of MPEG broadcasts it is low rez! Perhaps the future is the integrated sat/PVR with no external inputs at all, like my UK SKY+ box. We may have to pay more for subscriptions if the media companies force through paying to record!

You know, it’s not even worth commenting oin garbage like this any mre (no canard intended for CDFreaks). Hollywood and the recording industry are both the same - they are greedy self-serving entities that have had a monopoly for decades and as technology encroaches are bent on preserving those empires. However, they have met their match - giant electronics concerns. Those folks have REAL money behind them and will not be stopped. Remember cassettes? Videotapes? CD recordables? This will be no different. Santayana truly applies here and it really appears that certain people are not learning.

Just read this quote again… “We think that downrezzing is important to provide an incentive for consumers…to purchase equipment that has digital inputs.” Sickening. How could anyone even think like that?

Thank goodness someone else noticed that arrogance. That infuriated me.

Exactly. If we don’t intentionally make compatibility with existing eqipment bad, why would you do what we want. The answer is simple. If this stuff starts going through, refuse to buy the new digital a/v gear. Educate your friends and family so they won’t buy it either. If it’s designed to specifically support copying restrictions, don’t buy it! If the new junk doesn’t get any market saturation, they’re screwed.

For all you people against copy-protection and DRM, keep in mind I don’t have cable because cable companies have been a long time supporter of DRM and copy-protection technologies, as well as satelitte services.when I say I don’t buy anything with copy-protection or DRM in it I mean it. Unfortunately, this is where most people fall short, they refused to by a copy-protected CD at the store, but then become hypocrites by going home and watching their digital cable. Consumers are not gonna get rid of DRM and copy-protection technology unless they make it clear that they don’t want it. Unless of course they can’t live without it. Not saying everyone should get rid of their cable if they don’t want to. Just keep in mind you are finacially supporting companies that support this type of technology.
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I have cable, but I don’t suscribe to any of the “premium” channels. It it’s DRM hobbled, I don’t buy it. I can easily record any of the channels I subscribe to (if I could get my VCR to quit flashing 12:00, but then again, thats the electric utility’s fault - every time I set the clock the power goes out…)