Hollywood faces an issue after a question about DVD formats

I just posted the article Hollywood faces an issue after a question about DVD formats.

 During an 

annual meeting consisting of Hollywood studio executives and several hundred
industry managers, a moderator asked a question if the studios could break the
deadlock between the…

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Holographic DVD! Holographic DVD! :slight_smile:

I see a few problems with the new formats. First of all everyone’s going to be afraid of buy an expensive player if it could become obsolete because some hacker find out how to brake the encryption which I now a lot of people are going to be trying to do. I think that they should work on a different way of protecting there movies. We are probably going to be seeing every other DVD player becoming obsolete if they don’t. Also compatibility is another problem there going to have to figure out something and hopefully work it out. I don’t want to buy a movie that I can play because my XBOX 360 or PS3 cant play.

I don’t think that a new format is wanted or needed by the majority of consumers right now. It hasn’t been that long since DVD became mainstream and the average person (like me) is not ready or able to upgrade their TV and video player just to support HD. I think DVD still has several years of life in it. But, just like the VHS to DVD conversion, when the prices of players and TVs that support HD are low enough, I guess people will upgrade. My current TV is probably 15-20 years old and is just a 25 inch. It is good enough for the family and I to watch movies on.

There is only so many components i want to have in my home theatre. To be exact, 4 of them - a player (source), amplifier, a pair of floor speakers and a large screen. There is no way i get a second player just for fashion sake. But, i would probably replace the existing Philips 642 if: it plays both HD formats with no complications such a having to connect to some industry network for an access key (blue ray seems to be going in that direction to protect the content); it also plays ALL old and new internet video formats; it is firmware flashable. If “i have it, you play it”, hthen i am a happy camper. Up untill then the studios wait for my dollar. cheers. FidelC

I couldnt care less about new better quality movies bla bla. All I want is PC storage media!;p

I am always concerned with the requirement to remotely validate a movie. When I bought my first dvd player in 1998 there was a competing format disk called divx that required a phone line and essentially you rented the disk each time you watched it. All the studios (and the big software vendors) would love to show a constant revenue stream from licensing content as compared to selling disks.

whats wrong with everyone i remember the first time i saw a dvd my jaw hit the deck and even now when my other half records from the telly onto vhs i hate ut when she plays that horrible grainey picture and justs sits and watches it im still in love with dvd it will just do me fine screw the greedy corperates who want full control over the movie industry

hello, punctuation?

HD dvd better hope players don’t support both! I mean, what if a movie comes out in Blu-ray, then they play nutral and let it relesase on HD, the blu-ray disc will have TONS of more content, and the HD disc will be like a little pittly movie and might even require two discs… sad.