Hollywood +(dvd) want to get rid of macrovision



can you help?
i have the dvd card hollwood plus with the latest driver’s.
i can’t get rid of the macrovision.
ive tryed zone selector no joy.
ive tryed remote selector noy joy.
they only let me change the region.
is there any other program that i could try.
or have you had the same problem?.
can you let me know
cheers for your time



Try at www.dvdutils.com


ive tryed there no joy!.



You can use a proggy called Universal Selector for the H+, it makes your H+ Region Free & disables Macrovision.


I have a Hollywood plus and running it with RealMagic drivers v1.81. Both Zone selector and Remote Selector (my favourite) work for me. You have selected macrovision off haven’t you?


yes ive turn the macrovision off but its still on!.
iam trying universal selector and it lets me change region fine but still macrovision.
am i doing something wrong!!!.
it said in universal selector to add the dll file to windows\system file which ive done and it all so say’s to put it in os?
what is os?

Please backup your current SDUDF.DLL file from
WINDOWS/SYSTEM. If something goes wrong, simple copy
it back to WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.

After installing this program, replace the the
SDUDF.DLL file in WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory with the
same version and OS in the program directory.
whats the os?
can someone please help?
have i a dodgy card or something.
i really want to get this fixed.
if you have any idea’s let me know
or contact me on 7713012784
thanks for your time



i found out that i have a eon tronics realmagic chipset which uses hollywood plus drivers.
zone selector and remote selector and universal selector won’t get rid of macrovison.
do you know what program i could use?



Beats me, I have tried all these programs and they all work for me, they can all change the region and disable the macrovision, so I dont know what is wrong.


ive now got rid of the macrovison
cheers for your help.


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