Hollywood demands internet service providers join the fight

I just posted the article Hollywood demands internet service providers join the fight.

Sgams used our newssubmit to tell us that the Motion Picture Association of America, (MPAA) is currently asking ISPs to join their fight against movie piracy.

The organistation has sent out…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4287-Hollywood-demands-internet-service-providers-join-the-fight.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4287-Hollywood-demands-internet-service-providers-join-the-fight.html)

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Well, we the people demand that the MPAA lower their prices and stop putting out crappy movies… but you don’t see that happening, do you?

Ya stop making movies like Blue Crush and get a clue!

When the time comes where it can’t be stopped anymore I hope comes soon. Remember ISPs stay loyal to your customers and don’t panic over legal threats. No one can sue you so stay brave and strong ISPs. Let any of your customers download whatever they want. Don’t let the MPAA fool you into being disloyal to your customers.

Don’t forget the awful movies like “Glitter” that the deaf&dumb MPAA have brought before us -the general public! They don’t have a sense of Good Taste nor common sense! MPAA should get a clue and get a life! :slight_smile:

…and if ISPs act they will lose all their customers! I for one would dump my internet connection and indeed my PC if I can’t download movies/MP3s at will. I spend quite enough on Hollywoods products as it is. As for buying their products, naaaa, why bother I could video them off the TV…it’d be as near to free as you’d get I guess.

I download the occasional movie just to see if I’m going to like it…I don’t sit the family in front of the PC to watch a movie. I go upstairs to the home theatre system :4(I’m maiking payments :c) Maybe once I build a DivX pc for upstairs??? Does anybody know if Divx has dolby 5.1:d I’m still a firm believer that the audio/video companies make the same or more $$ because of filesharing. And most (not all) of people that are downloading either can’t afford to buy or won’t pay the rediculous $$ for $hit. I downloaded Lord of the Rings, before it was in theatres, I glanced through it, and now that it’s out on DVD I bought it! Why because I wanted , best quality (not avi :r) Iwanted the ‘behind the scenes’ etc. etc. that only comes with the DVD. I’ll probably by the second and third episodes too, but ya know what… as soon as I can download them, I will… just to check them out. i’m glad that I checked out ‘Fast & the Furious’… watching all the trailers on TV… they showed the big block Dodge all over the place, in the movie you only see it run in the last scene… I was glad I didn’t waste my $$ on buying that one… hey I’m into (north) American Iron… the pony from Gone in 60 seconds:p hey the MPAA might have some questionable material on their computers… theyu better format to make sure it’s gone!

With motion picture producers decentralising and not willing to pay the high price hollywood asks, it won’t be long before hollywood is a memory…matrix (australia), lord of the rings (new zealand), matrix II (australia)…fuck hollywood and the mpaa…:7

Just another thought here…with these "cease and desist " letters being posted at random, sort of throws another light on “innocent until proven guilty”… before the web there was BBS after the web there will be BBS…:7

ahh sick to death of reading about these c**k suckers (mpaa bsa riaa } what a load of shit now they think there the government and can get everyone else to do there dirty work. And if it wasnt for all of us so called pirates there really wouldnt be much use for internet for most after all the internet is built on sex and downloads so go ahead and put a heap of ISPs out of buisness and telestras profits in jeopardy they will like that you stupid stupid dumb asses.:4

Yes you can have AC3 5.1 in DiVX :4

Now why should I pay my ISP to snoop on me or anyone else? What has Dan Glickman over at the MPAA been smoking? He knows he’s not in Kansas anymore!