Hollywood chases down campus pirates

I just posted the article Hollywood chases down campus pirates.

Colleges and Universities have been aware for a long time that students are using the internet as a conduit to d/l music and movie files and of course this requires enormous bandwidth which can tie…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4641-Hollywood-chases-down-campus-pirates.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4641-Hollywood-chases-down-campus-pirates.html)

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I wish the file sharers of copyrighted works at Universities the best of luck. The ones who try to track down an illegal file sharer are the ones who deserve to get their hands smacked.

Don’t forget that illegal downloading and sharing is just as illegal as large scale reproduction. Universities pay huge amounts (over $100 000) for their high speed internet and this should not be wasted on illegal downloading. I think universities should do everything in their power to stop it.

Kafoopsy !! Yes , and universities should do everything in their power to stop turning out dickheads who later become politicians and impose draconian restrictions on a “free” society whilst holding out their hand for “baksheesh”…:7

Propaganda :r

Ayyyyyyyyyy…baksheesh? I haven’t heard that word since I got stopped by a cop in Cairo, Egypt (for doing nothing!!) and wanted some “baksheesh” in exchange for him not giving me a ticket. The way I see this, if a student pays his tuition (to include room & board), and the internet connection comes standard, why the hell not use it to do what you want? Screw colleges and universities–chickens! By the way,I am a current college student, but don’t live on campus…costs too much!

Of course if the college/uni leave their network wide open, then ppl are going to be using it for all sorts of stuff. The college where I work has just had a shiney new 1Gb line installed, but it’s locked down tighter than fort knox. Not much use for file swapping I’m affraid :frowning: Have you ever seen a download go at 10MB/s?? (and it’s not even breaking sweat) :4

Man, this is just a bunch of crap :frowning: We get raped on tuition and then we get raped for using the bandwith that we pay for. :r

I wonder if colleges would get treated like ISPs…not responsible for what their users do? If not, then I guess they have to whatever they must to cover their asses.

I WILL JUST PIRATE & COPY WITHOUT PAYING FOR THOSE CRAPS WHICH WILL GO TO RIAA DIRECTLY… No fxxxxxxking way I will do that… Forget about genuine… 1-800-B-PIRATE