Hollywood & BitTorrent author reach agreement to curb piracy

I just posted the article Hollywood & BitTorrent author reach agreement to curb piracy.

      Normally,  it is quite common to hear about the music or movie industry shutting down  websites that assist in helping to distribute copyrighted works.  However  when it comes to...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11162-Hollywood--BitTorrent-author-reach-agreement-to-curb-piracy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11162-Hollywood--BitTorrent-author-reach-agreement-to-curb-piracy.html)

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This isn’t really a big deal, but I guess it doesn’t hurt too much

i read another article earlier in the day saying that they [MPAA + BRAM] where joining forces to bring a new “DISTRIBUTION METHOD” to the people, that both the studios and the people could agree on what happened to that !? now i know that since the palet of the public has been whet w/ the ability to watch movies for free, its going to have to be a compromise on both sides: MPAA new methods and lower prices; PUBLIC w/ well what we have always done - be entertained…

I’m surprised, after reading this article I was expecting a bunch of posts calling Cohen a sellout. Just a note… people should be happy that good technology teams up with the RIAA/MPAA as normaly the only time you see an article about the RIAA/MPAA and P2P or BT it’s only about filing lawsuits or shutting down a site.
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So at the end, not only will we have to pay for getting movies from the web, our computers will also serve as file distribution servers using our own bandwith. Nice, now they won’t even need to pay for file servers.

Hmm, a true cheap distribution method, but given the past crop and current summer and the upcoming lame turkey/box office dog movies released via the Major Hollywood Studio’s these days, every cent in profit is desperately needed for these dogs. But then again since all open source projects like BitTorrent come complete with source code, it would not take rocket scientist, to recompile, and deactivate or disable any gatekeeper isp blocker control code incorporated therein to stop piracy! Oh well, at least with the current hollywood management types brains are a true optional extra! What can one say, other than the fact that most new hollywood movies are now all about special effects, weak ineffectual plotlines, and ham in acting so bad, that even after a hundred retakes, it still defies reason ! Me, if Hollywood, slid into the sea in the great upcoming L.A. quake tomorrow, it would be of no great loss to the world! :X

They will need file servers for the seeds or if the movie is not well distributed on the network. However yes, they will not need as many servers and bandwidth. I don’t really mind as long as I’m not forced to keep my connection open for longer than it takes to download the movie and if the price is right. However I would think that MPAA will want to charge the same price for online distribution as netflix or blockbuster does in which case the deal is dead, at least to me.

I fail to see how this changes anything at all. From the beginning, Cohen has said that bit torrent wasn’t intended for pirating stuff, and his site has never hosted pirate torrents or trackers. That’s a bit like having a Catholic priest sign a contract saying won’t worship Satan. Kind of pointless.

I think it’s known as a Symbolic Gesture

Unless I’m misunderstanding something here, it looks like to me, that the studios are thinking about a ‘special’ version bittorrent. If I’m right, that won’t work, since like stated in the above posts, the sources are readily available to anyone who wants them. Also, you simply don’t have to use a given torrent client if you don’t want to… :X