Holland is gonna WIN!



The Dutch soccerteam is gonna walk over the Italians… We’re gonna scoor even more than we did against Yugoslavia… so 7-0 for Holland !!!

Ok a little to optimistic but we’re gonna kick some ASS…

Greetz Appie the Dutchman…

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hehehe! You should listen to him… he knows what he’s talking about!

Gr33ts from Gamefreak_cd_copy, the other Dutchman!


Hi guys, nice to cya here sometimes.
Well, to tell the truth I think you actually showed too much what you can do. This means… we are not stupid and Zoff & co. are already preparing a “fix” to your strategy… loool…


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anche questa volta il buon Maximo deve intervenire… con un OLANDA Go Home


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Maximo:
[b]anche questa volta il buon Maximo deve intervenire… con un OLANDA Go Home


Maximo the only part you and Italy can play is counting the goals which will be scored against your goalie.

By the way we are at Home already


Hey Guys…

think me when Van De Saar look back tha ball in his door … two times.

Italy 2 - Oranges 0



Holland: GET READY



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mad: mad: mad:
olandesi sentite un po questa cosa:
andatevelo a piglia nel culo voi e i tulipani
mad: mad: mad:


accio io ci aggiungerei anche gli zoccoli e le puttane in vetrina e quelle cao di biciclette che in mezzo a Corso Dam ti portano via. Affanco!


And what about a nice joint at Bulldog’s?


Maybe, if you defend Kluivert with all 10 players your destiny of 10-0 will be spared, but remeber, I said maybe…