Hola promises free 10x faster internet and unblocking of sites

We’ve just posted the following news: Hola promises free 10x faster internet and unblocking of sites[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2013/09/myce-hola-splash-image-95x75.gif[/newsimage]

The company Hola promises that their free browser plugins can speed up your internet connection by 10 times and that it will unblock sites that are currently unavailable to you.

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I tried it and so far not impressed. The website was slow and took almost a minute to load a white page with a download link. After it was installed, the whole time it keeps telling me I have no internet even though I am browsing sites quite fine. A program reboot doesn’t fix the problem.

Hard to test even the VPN if it doesn’t work properly.

Isn’t even the crappiest dsl connection more than enough for web browsing?

I’ve been using several VPN services to prevent Geoblocking, and not to anonymize in a security sense. They all slowed down my surf speed considerably.
As far as goes for Hola, it seems only to slow down my surf speed a little, and only on the site I’m trying to unblock – All my other open tabs works perfectly normal.

For my needs their service is perfect, but all that FREE talk, kinda makes me suspicious! What is their real agenda? What do they harvest?

I’m using the Firefox plugin, BTW.

Their real agenda seems simple: get you hooked on the software, then “update” said software with adware. Then, include spyware to “give you ads that are more relivant to you”; in other words they will screw with your privacy. They might also give your info to you local big-brother government, giving the media giants a (lame) excuse to cry piracy.

It’s probably easier to track all the websites accessed thru Hola, then Hola can sell that info to whoever the highest bidder is - that website, their competitors, or ??

I use it now for torch browser, it actually comes standard with it, and I never find it to be slow at all.

blocking site to make it faster??? HUh… I just edit my Hosts file to block spam and pops with a Hosts edit and wham…no popups and ads coming thorough. It’s not that hard to do but Hola wants you to think so. Also stop clicking on pops if you want faster internet. Kill those pops with x or Cntrl W that will stop spam/malware from getting through. Basically Hola wants to sell your surfing habits to advertisments to make money for them unless someone thinks they aren’t are hitting the koolaid a little too hard.

I live in Ecuador, and the site unblocking never worked for me (on my Android tablet), but I`m fairly certain that it is because not many unblock scripts come by default, and I couldn’t find custom scripts for the sites I was interested in (mostly Hulu and Play Store). I didn’t really notice any difference in speed either. Part of the problem is that my geoip never changed from my local address when I used Hola, but it does when using other VPN’s, and I’m not really sure how (or if its possible) to configure Hola to correct this. Ultimatley, I decided to use free public VPN’s which work well, though they are slow.

Seems shady to me…