Hoho,the 716a New Fw 1.03 Can Be Download




  • Improved writing quality on some DVD-R media.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a instability problem when reading a CD disc.

Well. Looking forward to some (more or less) nice scans.

Has anyone upgraded yet? Found another store in Portugal that is selling this drive for 135€… A lot of money but if it’s worth it… Does anyone know a good online store that sels to Portugal ?(most of them don’t… :frowning: )


If you want peace of mind plus a way to save money, choose another drive.

loooooooooooooool i guess i know that for the tests made by people here, but i already own a 48x24x and the black front would look so nice on my case…
I haven’t forgot the A09 though because i own a A06 and Pionner seems to get very good reseults with their burners. I can tell you that i have mine for 14 moths and i haven’t had any coster yet. Also every movie I backup it plays fine on every reader that i’ve tried… It is also true that i only use yellow traxdata that i believe that are grade A riteck 4x media… The only problem is that it takes 14 - 15 minutes just to burn the dvd… Ripping pressed movies even with latest hacked firmaware it takes an eternity (locked at 2x). So i need an alternative!!!

Strange , that You don’t see any firmware-downloads for 716 on PlextorEurope’s homepages ?!?!?!
And according to PlextorAmerica FirmWareVersion 1.02 is posted: December 13, 2004 …
There’s neither a 1.03 version on the asian/chinese/japanese pages …

Anyway I’m not going to get a 716 as long as the Plextor-reputation is suffering ; probably I’ll save my money for a Blu-Ray ! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I’ve tested 1.03 with MXL-RG02 (Maxell DVD-R 1-4x). With 1.02, RG02 is very unstable. When auto-strategy is turned on, unreadable gap is made around WOPC area. DW1620 cannot read RG02 burned by 716A with AS. Plextools PI/PO scan is sometimes aborted by “Error: Adress is out of range (code 052100)” near 400MB WOPC area.

It seems that 716A@1.03 does not have such a problem. PI error is slightly decreased by the effect of AS.

Here is 716A@1.03, RG02@4x, self-scan.

Can you do the test using that media but on another burner. I’m curious to see if 716 is a bad reader has some have reported. That looks like a nice graph…

I’m now scanning with PX-712A :slight_smile:
PX-712A shows better graph than PX-716A. This is DW1620 scan (PX716@1.03, RG02@4x, AS-ON).

just updated the f/w and burned an IMATION 8x DVD+R ( ricohjpnr02) at 12x
AS: off / PR:ON

from the cdspeed curve, the end part has shown speed drop.

Well that’s what i suspected. 716 isn’t teh best burner and that drop of speed at the 4.2 gb still remains… At least it’s later but it’s still there… I guess it will not the at 3rd time that plextor got it right…

1.03 can be downladed at Plextor Europe

That’s the transfer rate (read test) not the write test.

@raygay, do you have a media that can be burn @16x (TY T02 or MCC004) and would you mind doing a Nero CD Speed Create data disk and post the scans?

You’re absolutely right… I was so ancious to see results that I missread the information on it… But still it’s linear as it should…

Thanks Koba (although I don’t have 716a :stuck_out_tongue: )
There’s also a BIN file and the flasher in the link, is that mean now plextor fw is hackable? :iagree:

It’s beem hackable for a while :wink:

The LG GSA4163B is at 12x much more faster and has a better write quality.
Buy LG :bow: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Plextor 712A with P-CAV is faster than GSA4163B @12x with Z-CAV.
Write quality? did you see 712a scans in my sig? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Plex firmware is hackable. The 704 and 708-2 OEM only drives are.
You can Hack the 708 firm to use it on 704 and 712 to use on 708-2.
I think 708-2 is sold in europe as External Version which can write 8X on DVD-R and +R