Hoe moet je pub scannen F.A.Q

English - This is a tutorial from the program of http://grimsping.cjb.net/

Copy URL to Clipboard
This function will copy the selected IP address to the clipboard in the form I did this because bulletproof will recognize this format and will automatically login for you.

Port Scan
This function will port scan the selected IP address using the ports that are preset in the port options.

Perform Host Lookup
Perform Host Lookup will find the domain name (i.e. ftp.microsoft.com) that corresponds to the selected IP address.

(2) Recent Box
This box contains the last 50 IP address on which either ping or PubFind was performed.

(3) Tabs
Clicking on either of these two tabs will display the appropriate list box. In the event that you had pinged a set of hosts, the “Pub” tab would be labeled as “Ping”.

(4) Paste IP
Enter an IP address in the form, and it will parse the info and input it into the adjacent text boxes.

(5) Response Info
After completion of the login procedure, the IP that has just been scanned will be displayed in the list box along with its response. Click here to see a list of responses.

(6) File Menu

View Log File
If you have enabled logging in your preferences then you can view your current results by clicking on this menu item. It acts as a shortcut to your log file.

Minimize to Tray
This menu item minimizes the program to the system tray rather than the taskbar. It’s nice if you just want to get it out of the way. Also, right clicking on Ping’s icon while it is in the system tray will bring up a little menu consisting of Restore, View Log File, and Close.

Prints the contents of the visible list box. Select the different tabs to print either list box.

Exits the program.

Ik hoop dat jullie iets eraan hebben