Hoe moet ik kopiëren?



Ik vraag mij af ,hoe moet ik spellen en appz kopieren zonder patches ,wat heb ik nodig?
Kan er iemand me helpen???


So you wanna copy apps and games without pathes?

You need a burning tool like Adaptec, nero ( www.cdrsoft.net ) and just put a cd in your recorder and you cd player and click the record button.

But if you wanna copy protected games without patches you have a big problem because it’s impossible!

(If you want to copy a cd just go to www.gamecopyword.com )

TheScape http://scapewarez.cjb.net


Als je over de nodige hardware beschikt dan kan je misschien clonecd gebruiken.
Deze kan je downloaden op www.elaborate-bytes.com

Deze stelt je instaat perfecte 1 copy’s te maken zonder gebruik van patches, etc…


clone cd kan het wel


Like others have said CloneCD will do this for you. However there is another solution. If you only use cracked execute files, you only have to crack a cd once by replacing the execute file. And then for future burns you can always use that copy and you never have to crack the game/prog again.



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