Hoe do I burn an Install CD from a .bin & .cue file?


I have a program image in two files xyz.bin and xyz.cue.

Please tell me how I can burn a CD disc, so that I get files from which I can install the program.

I use Nero Burning Rom.

Many thanks


Hi again,

I found out how to do it!

In the Nero Suite there is a program specifically for creating a real CD from an image. In ‘copy and backup’ it provides ‘burn image to disc’. Select that, then it simply asks you for the Cue file, you point to it and click on Burn, and the software does the rest.

Sorry for premature request.


Hi Nosmo,

I’m having similar problems, here they are… Can you help me out by posting more detailed instructions??? In the meantine, I will keep digging for the answer. Here is my problem

I have a file that is 2.35 gigs in size and is called


I originally tried to open the .rar file but it would not extract so I renamed it to a .cue file…

My question is this.

Using Nero Exactly how would I go about extracting this file to a bunch of files that can actually be used. I have tried ISO buster but it only displays “Track 1” and when I try to extract it, nothing happens… Now I gotta warn you that I have absolutely no clue how to use the advanced version of Nero, also I have no experience in openning cue and bin file… To be honest it’s very confusing so if you can help me out that would be AWESOME!!!

Cheers and thanks in advance :slight_smile: