Hockey Rink Disc

Anyone use them or know much about them? Friend of mine gave me a few of them.

I’ve had great luck and so-so luck (different brandings) with that MID, but no experience with that mini-format. I don’t know why anyone would want them, except to load up with a quickie autorun Flash presentation and then give away as business cards. They’re usually more expensive than regular CDR’s, too.

Yeah they don’t hold squat and what you said is all i know pretty much. Thanx for the reply

Anyone else use these things?

Business card style?

Mostly a gimmick, but ideal for a personal data recovery toolkit, unless you meet a slotloader!

I have one pack of (10) Mini-CD that I use very occasionally, a surprise disk that can be produced from a pocket, for instance.

Close but these are flat in length and round on the sides. Not completly rectangle is what i mean. I’ve never seen them in stores to buy. I got 15 of them from a friend that got them from a friend. Not sure where they really came from as to who originally bought them from where. I didn’t ask. All the members here i just figured someone used them for whatever reason :rolleyes:

I use them for a business card for my work. Slap a powerpoint presentation it and a label on the front and they look pretty cool.

Better than a normal business card but they are kinda expensive.

Never seen them called “hockey rink” before.

Can’t see any advantage over the fully rectangular, unless the balance, wind resistance is better. The capacity is still set by the narrowest part

Although it is fitting since that is probably what you will use them for. Notice that they are made by Ritek. :smiley: