What are your hobbies?

We all have a hobby, sometimes we don’t even know it. I have a feeling one hobby everyone here will have will somehow or other be related to Computer’s or electronic devices.

Well, I will mention one Hobby I have outside this spectrum. I like fish. Had aquariums ever since I was a little boy. Now I am into collecting exotic hard to find fish species. My particular area of interest is betta’s and Pleco’s.

Being a dirty old man?

I’ve been spending way too much money on computer hardware that past decade, so I’m switching over to being a headphone quasi-casual audiophile. Just getting started, but have already dropped $1.5K on the hardware. Gonna spend another K next month for some new cans. Well, at least they don’t go obsolete as fast as computer hardware. Man, I just don’t wanna keep up w/ that shit anymore.

*Lots of sports (soccer, volleyball, snowboard, ice-hockey, kickbox)
*music (“passive”); like visiting concerts & festivals, different styles
*going out at pubs, parties,… (with or without my girlfriend)

Lemme see…

  1. technical stuff (computers mainly)
  2. media (movies, music music music music, photography, music)
  3. going out
  4. shopping :slight_smile:
  5. playing tim the toolman :wink:
  6. cars
  7. chat (real life chatting, no msn or so)
    etc etc etc…

Movies , lots of movies
Doing nothing

Sports (football, fitness)
Reading (SF/Fantasy mostly)
Movies (propably not as much as Mr. B.)
Women :stuck_out_tongue:
Going out
Doing nothing

We had fish in my family when I were little, but they where cooked one very hot day… (oops)
The Euro2004 is coming up so of course I am just now interested in football. I like english football too, but I am not a fanatical supporter of any team in particular.

A little more fanatical am I about F1, I follow the circus closely. I like all sorts of motorsports, Rallye, touring cars, speedway (yeah the sport is a little dull but you must like it when Tony Rickardsson is in it :p) and more I cannot think of here.

But, when it comes to actual real hobbies I perform, well then it gets empty. I did alot of model airplanes when I was smaller, might pick up that some day and do it right (that F18 I built was so loaded with plastic weapons its plastic gear broke).
Model planes are geeky though I admit, so I’ll stick to what I do know, being a computer-nerd. Oh thats geeky too… Bugger! :slight_smile:

But my movie collection is a hobby! Yay a non-geeky hobbie for me! I excel at doing nothing btw.

sports ( jogging, fitness )
movies and books
going out ( concerts, parties, pubs, … )

sports (inline hockey, soccer, biking, …)
movies (SF, Thiller)
PS2-Gaming (RPG, Sport)
going out

Chronic masturbator.

Seriously; all comes back to computers.

I missed that one. :wink:

Obessive masturbating geek… well, that’s a given.

Playing music (bass, guitar, drums, singing)
Listening to music and collecting CD’s (The Flower Kings, The Tangent, Kaipa, Spock’s Beard, and on and on in that vein…)
Computers (building them, fixing them for friends, etc.)
Politics sometimes

Beer, Hockey, Computers and sleeping.

-Testing graphic cards and motherboards
-Burn and save all games/apps I buy–> Most of them without try them
-Going out to concerts, pubs and discos with friends :wink:
-Search a good woman hehe
-Eat and sleep from the rent of parents :iagree:

  1. Sports!!! Not that I play that many anymore, just run a lot…
  2. Computers sorta, I still mess around but I’m getting tired of them…
  3. 4-wheeler’s and classic tractor restoration…
  4. music…
  5. my life rocks!

Yadda, yadda…