HMV worries about newspaper free DVDs outselling DVDs >3:1

I just posted the article HMV worries about newspaper free DVDs outselling DVDs >3:1.

 In an aim for  the UK national press to attract readers, Sunday papers originally tried luring  in customers by  offering free CDs .  Now, the Saturday papers have decided to  follow suit...
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You pays your money and you live with the choice! Undoubtedly, HMV Retail, would prefer to price gouge all it’s customers if it could get away with it!, for that is the modern business ethic, cheat your customers where possible! Some choice, greed begats more greed!

I think it’s simple why the papers might be doing this. Advertisements! The more papers they get into circulation, the more they can charge for ads in the paper. So even if there is a loss, it’s minimized by the ads AND the money the people pay. Many magazines these days will give out free subscriptions to customers just so they can charge more for ads. My two cents.

Yep, that’s about right. The cover price for newspapers and magazines is for the actual cost of production, and often it doesn’t even meet that. Any profit that they make is purely from selling advertisements.

Yes! Newspaper makes millions of money even they are freely distributed, like Metro. Giving free DVD may even boost their sales and get more profits. Remember, they are businessmen!:d

well if this is working why couldnt the shops follow suit and offer a full retail version of a film at the stupid high cost or offer a stripped down version for less than half price because i think it iread recently that one of the studios was offering such a service to china to curb piracy because at the end of the day a film is just a film and i would most certanly go for the less than half price one as i dont have the time for extras due to strange work hours.

I’ve got a few of these DVDs from newspapers and there are advertisments on the DVD’s and on some of them the title music has been completely stripped away to avoid even more royalties. Its just good business sense by the papers and I bet that (like said earlier) if HMV thought of it first they would’nt be moaning.

HMV sell there crap for to much if you got sence stay away from there or they rip you off.

To be honest the only ‘Sunday Paper’ free DVD I bothered watching (‘The Ipcress File’) turned out to be a very inferior item… much worse than my ‘commercial’ DVD of the same film and I’m not talking about it just lacking the ‘extras’: the image itself on the freebie DVD was dark, grainy and generally not particularly enjoyable to watch. The DVD was a DVD5 (single-layer), not DVD9 (dual-layer) so I guess the video had been quite compressed… it also seemed to have been mastered from a very poor copy of the original 35mm film as opposed to the ‘commercial’ DVD which appeared to have been mastered from a better copy I’m certainly not a ‘patsy’ for the Music Industry and DVDs for ‘classic’ movies are clearly too expensive, but I thought it only fair to share my particular experience here…