HMMM Stupid Question Im sure

Just bought the LiteOn 8x dvd burner, the program that came with it doesnt seem to be able to read any disc that is in it so I came here to see what everyone was using.

Downloaded CloneDVD2 because you all seem happy with it, but as soon as I tell it to make me a 1 to 1 copy I get some BS about copy protection and click the OK button right back to beginning of program.

I see zero options to turn this stupid error off yet you all are burning DVD movies, so what in the hell am i doing wrong?

AnyDVD is gonna be your remedy.

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You should have taken a look at the CloneDVD manual on the Elby website. It’s there for a reason :wink:

NOTE: CloneDVD 2 does not backup copy-protected DVDs! Many DVDs are Content Scrambling System (CSS) encoded, which is a copy-protection file system. If a DVD is CSS-encoded then the DVD reader will refuse to access the disc. Therefore CloneDVD 2 cannot read the files and make a copy.
Do as BoSkin suggested, or rip your DVDs with software like DVD Decrypter first. DVD Decrypter is freeware!

Why bother reading the manual when you can just Post your question and look like a ass because you didn’t read it. :iagree: Just like no one reads the Rules about posting.