how has everybody been?

Just popping in to say hello once again to you all…haven’t been around as much as I’d like to, but nonetheless I still lurk around as a guest half the time :D.

believe it or not, on christmas and new years, cdf was in my thoughts, because this was pretty much the only forum I’d say happy new year and merry christmas on. i didn’t post, but rest assured, the thoughts were there :).

wonder if tax still loves me :sad:

anywho, see ya’ll next month or so :o

  • chris

Nope, Tax found a new plaything :bigsmile:

whistles innocently

Good to see you back, can we expect you to join our chat too, it has evolved big time…

Awww… :sad:

Fine! Yes… I’m alright. How are you. :sad:

Good day mate.

Everything ok?

You only have been gone for 3 weeks … :rolleyes:

heh…i’ve seen what you’ve been up to now :wink:

noticed the chat too. going to try to stop in a lot more. i was in it last night and today mostly; left tonight because your sweetie was talking about circumcision at the precise moment I was enjoying a hot dog.

good day.

@ Namoh - eh, thats 21 days. this is the first forum I ever signed up for…I feel like I should be on it a little bit more.

the burning side of me woke up a week a go and bought a DRU-710 external :smiley:

You should visit more often … don’t let it happen again! :wink:

Good to see you!!! Now stay here.

/me bouncing off the walls, like always :wink:

Will you stop doing that, it’s really annoying. :wink:

Don’t be afraid … Join us …

bounces off the walls

He, that’s fun.