Hmmm not too impressed

1213 ts08 12x burn Tayioyuden looks good except for spike…id say they need to do some work on this firmware…plus i am getting very inconsistent scans from this drive using kprobe etc.

Was that burn done with the default TY T01 strat?

Strategy swapping is not available for 3S drives, yet. :wink:

Guess you’ll be off to try TS09. Also congrats on being made a Mod.

maybe this is why the 1213 is not doing so well:

[I]Andrew Wyllie, product manager of NEC’s Business Equipment Division, told us that current 12-speed drives are something to be wary of.

He said that the speed was never made official by the DVD Alliance or DVD Forum - the consortiums behind the + and - formats, respectively.

‘There are no Japanese companies making 12-speed drives, because it’s not a standard,’ he said. But because a couple of months following the launch of a new speed drive the price bottoms out, some of the other Asian manufaturers such as those in Taiwan wanted to keep momentum going with a 12-speed version.[/I]

TS09?? where when how??? :wink:

But don’t get your hopes up… TS09 is pretty similar to TS08…


Huh? Strat swapping for TS08/T7S2 has been around since 1.3.0… :wink:

ya CK i can swap strat on my 1213…YOU ON DRUGS??

ya i figured it wasnt much better but can we get a unscrambled version for omni on this one.


HEY MAN! :o Oops, losing it. I’ve seen too many new firmwares in the last couple of weeks. I was thinking of a different 3S firmware. :wink: