Hmmm, Nero Recode...more work required

Here are some missives on the relatively new Nero Recode software. These are merely opinions formed following it’s use\attempted use and so…

  • quite a nice interface it gives the appearance of being easy to use.

  • I first had a go at Nero Recode simply to convert a AVI to a DVD. To my surprise it worked very well, and the disc currently resides on my DVD rack.

  • Following the above test I recently tried (with a newer version of Nero Recode) to encode a number of MPEG1 and WMV files (all of low quality) to create a DVD with a single menu linking to said files. However, big problems firstly I got for some unknown reason this nonsense about the DVD-Video plugin being missing. Why didn’t this occur when I used the older version? Secondly I found that after adding the files for processing the “Next” button to move forward would not un-grey itself so I could move on. What’s all that about?

Having fart arsed around with the software to try and get it to process the files I gave up and wrote a VCD with a menu instead since the quality was low.

So Nero Recode, as far as I can see the downloadable demo is useless, it doesn’t in it’s current form let you do anything. The first time I used Nero Recode I thought, yeah this has potential. But on second viewing…my opinion is don’t bother, use DVD2One, DVDShrink whatever, but don’t waste your time with this application.

Nero Reocode works extremely well for copying DVD9 to DVD5 or to MPEG4. Nero Recode was not designed to convert WMV or MPEG1 files. Try ADOBE ENCORE DVD or some other DVD authoring package.

BTW - Nero Recode and DVDShrink are basically the same program. Recode does not copy encrypted DVDs.

‘Recode does not copy encrypted DVDs.’

Does that mean you cannot copy DVDs you’ve bought in shops (protected I suppose) with Nero? Looking at their website , it doesn’t explicitly say that:

Can you recommend software that copies encrypted DVDs?

To make backups of YOUR OWN protected DVDs you can use Recode with AnyDVD. Or, you can use DVD DVDShrink to do it all. I prefer AnyDVD. There are other benifits to AnyDVD besides just decrypting DVD’s (like CD Audio encryption).

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