Hmmm best burner for movie backups?

Its funny, but sometimes I think you can read too much info on the forums…originally I was going to buy Pioneer 109, then it was the NEC 3530, now it seems Benq is a great burner as well.

I want a DL burner that works the best for making backups of my extensive movie dvd collection.

I also convert DIVX to DVD so I want a decent burner that can handle this as well.

What to do people? :bow:

ehh, it doesn’t matter what you do with the drive
if a drive for example burns computer data well, it burns movie-data as well as computer data.
Mentioning that you are going to use it for divx turned into DVD’s doesn’t matter a bit.

So go for a drive with a good burning quality in general.
The drives you name are all good. So don’t worry that you’ll end up with the wrong one.

hi, there are some other considerations you may wish to note, particularly ‘Bit Setting’ (being able to change Booktype from +R/+R DL to DVD-ROM) for best compatibility with your set top DVD player. :slight_smile:

I’d go with the Nec for quality and price

For burning all of the top-rated burners are fine for DVD video backups. Ripping speed is important though unless you use a separate fast ripping DVD-ROM drive. For a single drive with good writing quality and fast riipping speed, the Benq, Pioneer, and Plextor drives all are fast with DL rip speeds of 12x or even a bit higher. NEC’s rip speed is only 3-7x for DL video DVDs however. I use a NEC 3520A for burning but use a separate Aopen 1648/AAP/Pro DVD-ROM drive for fast DL DVD ripping speeds up to 6-16x.

I just put in my combo of Aopen 1648/AAP/Pro and NEC 3500.

I did a test rip same dvd Aopen 11min Nec 30:58min

I am very happy with this setup, rip with the aopen burn with the nec, and total its a combo of about 80 dollars…not bad.


Couldn’t say it better my self. :slight_smile:

When you guys talk about ripping, I presume you mean, say using DVD Decypter to convert movie into an ISO file etc or into DVD compliant folder and file stucture etc?

Thanks for the input so far. I have ordered an NEC 3520 over the internet as I cannot get one here in Western Australia as far as I know.??

I also have a Pioneer 106…hmmm I wonder how the ripping speed compares on that to the NEC??? hmmm

Yes thats what I mean by “ripping” using DVD Decrypter. The newer Pioneer drives rip fast about 12x max speed, not sure about the 106 model though.

No that is not the meaning of Ripping, the ripping is the process that the drive read (rip) the file from the disk (DVD-Video) and put it in you hard drive or create an image from the read file. Then during this process you might need decrypting, encoding, and shrink process also, where the file get decrypted, encoded to the format that writeable to DVD writer and finally shrink which reduced in size some time from D/L size to be fitted in S/L disk (from DVD9 to DVD5).

FYI: I use a BenQ 1620 Pro (was 52 shipped at newegg) for both ripping and burning

With ala42’s hacked firmware, I can rip a DVD Video in 6 minutes with DVD shrink. With TY02 +R media, I can burn at 12 speed and have a 98% quality disk in another 8 minutes.

When/if the drive dies, I’ll just buy another for $50. I’m at about 150 burned dvds on it - kids can destroy dvds almost as fast as you make them:)