Hmm still looks like the pies on the 716 are inflated

compared to the plextools test on the 712 and kprobe2 on liteons…etc. Any reason why they are about twice as high as the rest using 1.04 and plextools 2.2?

not clue But I have noticed this also.

Maybe it’s just variation between the drives?!

I have a CD-R which scans with almost five times as many C1 errors on my PX-712 compared to a friend’s PX-712, yet it scans with fewer C2 errors! And this is not the same TYPE of disc - it is the SAME disc!

The same thing can happen with DVD PIE/PIF scanning.

You are not measuring an absolute characteristic of the disc - you are measuring how one drive currently sees the disc.

Within the last hour I scanned the same DVD twice in a row on my PX-712A drive. There was a 35% difference in the total number of PIEs (96035 and 131964) and a 34% difference in max PIE (53 and 71) between the two scans on the same drive.

I have also noticed the same sort of variation with my new PX-716a (I’m going try to get a replacement at Fry’s today to see if it’s the drive’s fault). Perhaps it is more representative of actual burn quality to take an average of, say, 5-6 PIE scans. In this respect, the more discrete TA test may be more useful. It’s faster to scan (so you can repeat the test several times to get a better overall assessment) and moreover it has been much more consistent for me. That is, PIE results can vary widely while the TA test gives pretty much the same results time after time.

It might be helpful, in the scan thread, for people to run the same disc through, say three times over, and report the average and standard deviation of the results. Sometimes I wonder if all these “best scan” posts are genuine or really just luck-of-the-draw one-offs or the best result out of several scans.

Yes I know every drive variates but this is the third 716 and they all scan at the same double rate (almost exactly double) of what other drives (including the 712) scan the same disk at. I would say more of a plextools bug with this drive or a fw issue.

My liteon 832 is a very reliable scanner. when it says a disk is good it will play on every dvd player/dvd rom/dvd writer without skips or pauses, I own (bout 20 of them) so BLER scanning isnt a big deal for me with the 716.


your right about liteon scanning , if my 1633@1653 says disk scans good it will play on about anything, btw did try alex noe’s plextor scan I know you said it didnt like your sata but i think it will work if you put nero version of wnaspi32.dll in directory with pxscan.exe

Question: can you scan the disc using a TA test and report the results between the 716 and 712? Thanks.

you mean TA burn result with a disk burned with with 712 comapared to a 716 at equal speed?

Ok got it to work (took back sa and got a a) hmm it seems to scan about the same as my liteon so I would say the pie bug is in plextools.

note: could not save as bitmap as would get a error in noes plextor scan.
pxscan with disk burned at 8x

same disk with kprobe2

notice how even shape of scan is the same with pxscan and kprobe2, I have found that using pxscan with speed=5 switch added to bat file will help scan time, but as with any scan faster does cause more errors.

new alex noe updates

Bah plextor needs better Firmware for this drive!

8x burn of Ricoh jpnr02

How come I can get something like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

prolly better quality media. Mine are sold as Ridata 4x. Though I did not see 12x option you sure that wasnt from your 712?

Yes, probably I have better media. :cool:
It’s from my 716a, scans show the labels. :iagree:
This is from my 712a

Jamos, yours are Ricohjpn R01, 4x certified media and 8x max on 712A/716A. Zevia’s scan is of R02.

You’re right Two Degrees. I didn’t notice that.

dont get me wrong though that disk I showed still is a fine burn. I just do not think they have the firmware tuned enough to match the Benq 1620 drives quality with so so media. :wink:

Also Zev do you use Power rec, I left it on. I assume autostrategy will not do anything unless the drive doesnt have a write table for the media.


The benQ 1620 does great job on so so media , set to 8x it looks really good, but if let plextor burn so so media at 8x and not what ever max it thinks you can it also does pretty good job.