Hmm i'm new to this but need dvd help please



I’ve got a freeview box, a tv and a dvd recorder (a Crown CDVDRW300 to be precise) and i want to know if i can record freeview on it. We’ve tried everything and i can either get:
4 channels through my dvd player (i presume terrestrial ones)
channels from my freeview (but i have to turn off the dvd recorder/player thingy)
and i’m just so confused!
Everthing is connected, just not working with each other… Which is not very good :frowning:
Please help someone! Thanks


Really shouldn’t be a problem.

I don’t have a DVD recorder, just a VHS recorder but the process should be the same.

I’ve 3 scarts on my TV, 2 on my Freeview box, 1 on my DVD player & 2 on my tape recorder.

The set up is as follows:-

. DVD player scart to TV scart.
. Aerial lead into freeview box, then into tape recorder & then to TV.
. 1 scart from freeview box to TV, other to tape recorder input scart.

To record from freeview I set my tape recorder to L1 which is the scart input from freeview box.

If the freeview box has only 1 scart then that’s where it gets difficult.


I think I see what you mean Tim

I have a similar set up to bibbles, but have a satellite decoder rather than freeview.

Dead simple bibbles.

Aerial Cable; From aerial > DVD Recorder > TV

SCART Cables; Freeview > DVD Recorder > TV

This way, you can record terrestrial TV whilst watching other freeview channels and vice-versa

Hope this doesn’y conflict with Tim’s^ and that it works for you bibbles