this the right download for DVD2AVI?

DVD-Rebuilder’s site says to download Donald Graft’s version of DVD2AVI. A Google search turned up his page:

But I see no download that specifically says “DVD2AVI”. Is it the same thing as his download links “DGMPGDec”?

Thanks for helping a new user.

Try here is an excellent resource for tools and any video related queries.



There are better tools for converting dvd to avi. DVD2AVI is known for losing frames and causing audio/video sync problems.

Kerry, I read that too, although Rebuilder says that DG’s version doesn’t. Am I missing the obvious, or can I just use my Digital Media Converter Pro to do the converting? No need to install an extra program if I don’t have to.

You don’t need any type of conversion program to work with DVD Rebuilder, so I’m not sure why they were recommending DVD2AVI in the first place.

If you like the results you are getting from your current program, I see no reason to change. There are many good, free programs available though if you just want to experiment or if you run into problems on a certain file.
Handbrake is one that I’ve been recommending lately.