HM Customs seize huge haul of pirated music



I just posted the article HM Customs seize huge haul of pirated music.

HM Customs & Excise Officers at Manchester Airport today seized over 5,000 pirated music CDs and audio cassette tapes which had been exported from Lahore, Pakistan and were intercepted en-route to…

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This is far too close too home :frowning:


I think SELLING other peoples’ music is a real crime. These aren’t people downloading and sharing MP3’s. They counterfieted CDs for sale. Imagine that copy of your favorite independent band’s album. That one you bought just to support them? What if it were a bogus copy and the money had not gone to support your band at all? That’s an entirely different thing from a download or two. The band really is losing sales there. We tend to laugh at the notion that pirates are harmful at all because the RIAA has applied the term to basically anyone who likes music. But there is commercial piracy out there and it’s harmful. Notice these were Indian and Asian artists. Not big RIAA fluff bands. They aren’t rolling in money and those pirated copies could have actually hurt them. Personally, I’m glad these particular pirates went down.


im agreeing with phrogster. some people are ruining it for the rest of us.


I kinda agree with phrogster,those people deserve to get caught they are just ripping of their own communities.However your fave independant band doesn’t really benifit much if you buy their cd the company who releases it does.So the band would be better publishing on net for a couple of pounds euros dollars ,whatever,they get more for the music,fan gets realistically priced cd.:4


Good. Hate these shits. These people are not part of the scene. They take whats supposed to be warez scene, duplicate and sell it. Hope they all get a 6x4 room with a man named Bubba. :9


Ok so thats the bust on the info they were fed…I wonder how many came by sea… :7