Hlp please

i’m almost about to give up. :a my nec2500 was working perfectly until i purchased some fuji film dvd+r’s on Friday and upgraded to .17. I was burning with no problem with nero .15 in an iso or with regular files. once i started using the fuji, my system has gone berzerk. whenever i try to burn with an iso or files, it says “cannot write disc at once. system has been reset”. this went on as i made 3-4 coasters and then did a system restore. same thing happened. i then went and switched to Herrie’s v2b4 and .15. i then had no problems with this. but now, the same problem has arisen again,after i wiped my entire system clean and formatted my entire drive. thinking that i might be a bug that wiping the drive would fix. before, i was having no problem using decrypter with the dl firmware, then all of a sudden one day, it was taking between 30-40 minutes to record 4.3GB. all of my dma settings are correct and it is no PIO mode at all. but as i have gone through 2 coasters this afternoon, i am beginning to wonder if it is the media or a glitch in the system? i did try a memorex +r, that was one of a pack that burned flawlessly and the same thing happened, cannot write disc-at-once, system reset. as i tried to go back to 2b5dl and .17. I really don’t need the latest because i don’t have any dl media and there are really no media changes in 2b5dl. so is this a nero bug, media issue or what.

I don’t think RICOHJPNR01 media would give this kind of problems. Thus I think it could be a Nero problem. Maybe v.17 introduced some new bugs with your configuration, altough I’m writing on RICOHJPNR02@8x with v2b5dl and Nero v.17 with no probs.

Kinda sounds like an IDE or ASPI issue.

went back and tried to remember what programs that i had before all of this. the aspi is working fine. i use forceaspi and checked out everything to make sure that everything is ok. i removed a program,winmx, that i installed on thursday night. went back to v2b4,stayed with .17 and recorded without any problems. i’m going to try and go back to v2b5dl and see what will happen. if not, then i will stay with v2b4. thanks for the advice.

went back after i removed the program and installed v2b5dl along with .17 and recorded flawlessly without any buffer problems like i was having with .15. don’t know why that program caused a problem.

Got The Same Problem Again. Happened With V2b5dl Again, So I Went Back To 2b4. Everything Backed Up A Disc And Had No Problem. This Afternoon I Go And Purchase Cold Mountain. Rip It With Shrink Into A File Folder. I’m Using Nero .17 To Burn. It Gets To 25% And Says That “cannot Complete End Of Disc At Once” Why Is It Trying To Complete End Of Dao At 25%. I Went Out And Purchased A Brand New Pack Of The Verbatim Dvd+r 4x From Bb, Thinking That It Might’ve Been A Problem With The Fuji Media That I Purchased. Can Anyone Help. I’m At My Wits End And I Really Have Enough Coasters.

So it still screwed up with the Verbatim? If so from what you are saying it sounds like the drive is fubar. RMA it.

I’m Going To Try A Few More Things Before I Do That. It Was Totally Fine And Not Doing Any Of This Before Friday. I Think It Sounds Like More Of A Glitch In Nero More Than Anything. Maybe I’ll Have To Format Everything Again And Try From There. If Anyone Has Any, Any Ideas. Plz Feel Free To Drop Me A Line.