Hlds Gwa-4162b



Hi, I seem to be at a loss to update my firmware. I created the CD from hp and when it boots it simply fails with
“error reading from drive c: DOS area : drive not ready”
I am figuring is because i am running on ntfs, but I would like to update my firmware and I just cant figure out how come they release the update this way. It is extremely BS if you ask me, who runs fat32 anymore ?? If anybody can shed some light in this issue I would really appreciate it! Sincerely,Los

P.S -> I believe it is an LG , since all HLDS GWA drives were listed as LG, I wish I knew which version was mine

*Note : ALso posted in LG forum, I saw this forum after seeing LG forum. Sorry, if against the rules


The “Firmware Flashing Bootdisk” found here can help: