HL2 : CD or DVD

Hey guys :slight_smile:
Who here is looking forward to Half-life 2?! I wanted to ask what media you guys are going to get it on? The humble CD or the flashy DVD? :stuck_out_tongue:

6 CD’s or 1 DVD :iagree:


I don’t know. I am getting my copy free from ATi via a coupon for buying one of there graphics cards.

I am doing the same having bought an ATI card also so wont know till i get it…

I hope it lives up to the hype! I was very disapointed with Doom 3 after hype. Reckon my Radeon 9800 xt is up to the job? :slight_smile:

i’m looking forward to buy the dvd-version, even if i’m (and you, too… :stuck_out_tongue: ) not able to copy it (1:1, without emulation crap) - but if my trader has the cd-version first, i will take this one… :wink:

im thinking the steam version myself

If I buy something I want it on a physical medium and I wont be buying HL2 because of Steam. There are fewer things I hate more in this world. But I prefer 1 DVD to 5 zillion CD’s.

DVD, i love getting games on DVD, no annoying “next disc” when installing :), but is half life 2 going to be protected by safedisc 3.2? i assumed so, but cant remember where i got this info from.

ben :slight_smile:

Well HL was “Protected” with SD like 1.1 (:p), so im gessing they will stick with SD. There might be a newer version out then 3.3/4?