Hl-st dvdram gma-4080n problems



just bought this drive from ebay,fitted ok but will not read dvd-r or dvd+r discs,will not read dvd movies but is fine with cd discs.Does anyone know if this drive will read/burn dvd- or +r discs.The drive was not supplied with any software

Thank you in anticipation


Yes the drive should read and write DVDs. More than likely the drive is OEM meaning no help from LG. You could try updating the ide drivers.


Hello and peace be upon you in the name of God.
I’m having similar problem with my HL-DT-ST GMA 4080N Burner. It can read/write certain DVDs. I think the issue has something to do with ‘firmware’ and ‘book type’. Firmware is an update for the hardware, usually provided by the manufacturer’s website so far I found non. Meanwhile, booktype is a function within the hardware’s properties (depends on the burner’s model) that allows us to change the way our DVD-RAM reads any CD/DVD insert into it. More information about Firmware and Book Type can be found in this forum too. I hope I can be of help. Let us use this thread to settle our GMA 4080N problems. Good Luck! Gambatte!