HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4480B not recognized?

Hi: Thank you in advance for any suggestions since I am definitely new to DVD writing. I have a Dell Optiplex that came equipped with a GCC-4480B RW/DVD. I am trying to make copies of the DVDs that I have legally purchased. I have tried CloneDVD, Alcohol120%, and DVD x copy platinum. At first, I thought it was the software but now believe that it is my DVD writer. I can read a DVD without a problem and drop both DVD files and ISO file to hard disk but when I try to burn a DVD to my GCC-4480B DVD RW in any of these software packages, the DVD writer is not recognized as a choice to send the ISO or other files to and I have no option to select my GCC-4480B so that I have not been able to successfully write to it. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I am using blank media Memorax DVD+R 6hrs. Thank you very much to anywone who can lead me in the right direction.

[ul]Have you shrunk the DVD to fit on the DVD+r, commercial dvd’s are mostly dvd-9 meaning they can fit 9 gig of data on one disc as all writers at the moment only support single layer writing they can only fit 4.7 gig of data to a blank dvd+/-r so keep this in mind when trying to copy dvd’s. The 6 hours referred to on the front cover of the blank DVD is misleading as this does not mean that you can fit 6 hours worth of dvd video on them.
I personally prefer DvDShrink download link here and nero. these are quite idiot proof but doing a search on google will find you plenty of walk-thrus or try here.
Try burning a small video file to a blank dvd, I know that this is a waste but this will confirm your suspisions of whether it’s a fault with the dvd-rw or software.[/ul]
Hope this helps, if you need anymore info just let us know.

thanks for the reply. yes, I have an ISO file that is of the movie only so that it would fit on 1 dvd 4.7gb. How about dumping just an ISO file onto a DVD. What is the best software for this?

Just for your info, if that model number you list is correct, the reason you can’t write DVD’s is it isn’t a DVD writer. It’s a combination DVD reader/CD-RW drive. I have the same one, it will only read DVD’s and read/write CD-R’s/CD-RW’s.

On this same drive, is there a driver or firmware update available? drive is not seen by computer, yellow esclamation in device manager