Hl-dt-st Rw/dvd Gcc-4188b

I wish that was my case.

I have a Dell Dimension 4600 and need a fix as well. Can I go to the Dell site and uninstall and re-install? I’m afraid to uninstall as I’m an idiot and don’t want to lose all the other things the driver still does. The only thing I can’t do is burn, everything plays and rips pretty well.
Also what is firmware? Might this help me?
Thanks, Mike.

I just tried this fix: Removable Storage: HLDS GCC4481-B HH 48X32 Combo, Firmware, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Multi Language, Multi System, v.E108(WIN)a, A03-2, and it told me “Update File Name Is Not Correct”. What the heck can I do now?
Any info would be wonderful.


By the look of things no one came up with the answer on this issuse. Well let me add that I’m also having the same issue. After in installed xp pro and sp the cd/dvd worked for about 2 weeks. and now it doesn’t read anything. I read every post and i wondering if there are any new and fresh ideas out there. Or is it time for a new cd/dvd drive

HLDS and LG would have the same hardware, but different OEM firmwares and mos tof all offical flasher don’t allow crossflashing (of course).

If your drive come sin a DELL; it most likely has some (crippled) DELL OEM firmware on it, and you should check the DELL support site for updates.