Hl-dt-st Rw/dvd Gcc-4188b

Hello everybody,

does anybody know what type of dvd discs can be used on this burner? Thank you in advance

Hmm did you actually mean " HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4481B " ?
RW/DVD is indicative of a CD-R/DVD-ROM combo drive.
It can’t burn DVDs!

First of all, thank you for your reply.As you can understand from the question I posted I am not very familiar with burning devices.
I have taken the full name of the drive from the hardware device manager in the operating system since there is no indication on the front panel of the drive, therefore I assume it is RW/DVD.
Frankly speaking I had no idea that RW/DVD meant that the drive can only read . The drive is on a IBM “thinkcentre” machine I got from my head office, and what made me think that it could also burn is the fact that they installed burning software.
Furthermore if I run the burning software and go to the program settings in order to choose the burning device, the drive is displayed in the list. I thought that the features of a drive were autodetected by the software.
I guess I will use an external drive, thank you again for your help.

It can burn: CD-R and CD-RW. :slight_smile:

I’m also having this same problem. And yes this drive has burned DVD’s but now it won’t even recognize a blank one. :a

A Dell Deminsion 2400
Windows XP
Pentiun 2.2 GHz
1 gig of RAM
A firewall program
Anti Virus

I’m having the exact same problem with the same CD burner drive. Someone told me that if you buy a can of that air spray and spray it in where the cd goes, that it will start recognizing blank cd’s again. I tried it, and it worked once. Then, it reverted back to the same problem again and blowing air into the drive doesn’t help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks. (I know that new CD drives are cheap, but I’d prefer to fix this problem if possible, because the computer is only 1 year old.)

What about a firmware update?

How does one update firmware?

By downloading a firmware update from the manufacturer or a RPC1 firmware collection and installing it according to the instructions.

I’m not even sure who the manufacturer is. Plus this won’t even play DVDs

The manufacturer is LG. :slight_smile:

And on their site, I can find reference to firmware for a GCC-4480B drive, but no GCC-4481B?

Yep that’s right GCC-4481B. Fortunatly I got a Dell tech that got the DVD Burner to play movies. But as for burning DVD’s he tried to pass the buck.

Well it turns out that Dell had not sold me a DVD Burner as I had requested a year ago. So now I’m going to have to buy a DVD Burner this time.

Well seems I need to buy DVD Burner

GCC is always a combo drive, which is a DVD-ROM (reader) combined with a CD-RW (writer).

:iagree:…that’s where I found the reference to the other GCC drive I mentioned, under Combo Drives on LG’s site.

Dell has done such things -confusing their costumers- often, os it seems.

Selling dvd burners and then provising combos is a really bad thing.
I remember similar posts from some users on the rpc1 forum…

If that happened in the UK, I’d recommend reporting it to the Trading Standards people. Especially if a burner is advertised on paper.

Probably happened in the states only.

Dell is a big player, but such things are just inacceptable…

Thanks for the advice…I went to HP’s website and re-downloaded and installed a new driver. It was the same one that I had running, but apparently the old one got corrupted somehow on my computer. Now everything works fine. I’m glad I didnt buy a whole new cd burner.