HL-DT-ST hates C1/C2/PIE/PIF quality tests?

None of our HL-DT-ST drives are able to check for quality on discs.
Some give an SCSi error, others finish instantly without scanning.

One exception: BE14NU40 does scan C2 errors on a CD. But stops at unreadable sectors instead of continuing to scan and slows down on damage, which means, that it handles the C1/C2 test like a normal data read, where the reading light does blink, unlike other disc drives on a quality test. (SCSi hexadecimal status codes 03/11/00 or 03/11/05.).

Dunno for CD-R, but newer 24x-drives from LG can do PI/PIF-scans. The first I had was the GH24NS90, but some drives before should do it also. Could be the time LG switched from Renesas to Mediatek-chipsets

Not sure about BD-drives from LG, don´t use BD-drives for scan CD-R/DVD R

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